Sunday, November 20, 2011

- Lazy Sunday

My weekends have been jam packed lately.  I will be staying here for Thanksgiving and one of the biggest things I have planned is to clean out all closets and random drawers of crap before the big move.  And trust me when I say that there is A LOT of crap up in here that will not be moving with me.

But that's next weekend.  This weekend I had very few things planned.  After going out Thursday and Friday night I kind of didn't feel like doing much else.  And the lazy weekend that ensued was amazing.  Was it well deserved?  Let's just go with yes on that.

Things I did that will have no bearing on any to-do list anywhere:
  1. Caught up on all the TV shows I missed throughout the week thanks to
  2. Re-dedicated myself to Mario Galaxy and my Wii.  I'm on the verge of blisters and have gone through two battery packs for my controllers (in my defense they weren't fully charged because I forgot to plug the charger in) but I discovered 3 new galaxies and won at least 15 more stars.  I beat Bowser and his little nephew (or son?) twice, although there is still much left to do in the game.  Which is great because I am completely addicted.
  3. Wore my pajamas all day today.
  4. Slept until at least 10 am both days.  I don't want to brag, but today it was 11:30.
  5. Watched the snow fall for an inordinate amount of time.  Yes I know I'm Minnesotan now, but I still think this is magic.  And pretty.  
  6. Watched the American Music Awards.  I don't get music awards shows.  That 4 minutes I listened to Justin Bieber sing about kissin' "shorty" underneath the mistletoe is time I will never get back.  And if that song means something to you, we can't be friends anymore.
  7. Sang "Lazy Sunday" to myself a few too many times.  Reference the SNL skit if you don't know what I'm talking about.
  8. Stayed completely up to date on the Heineken cup by watching real time commentary - and tweets. Did not expect the Saracens to lose, or Glasgow to lose by so much...Also got way excited for the start of the HSBC World Series next weekend and the Australia/Barbarians game.  I will be making new friends at the pub again.
  9. Forgot to feed Emma breakfast.  That's how lazy I was.  In my defense, it's not exactly like that dog is on the edge of starvation or anything.
  10. Bought an external hard drive.  That was on my to do list.  I thought that once I put all my pictures on there my computer would have some major space freed up.  But I was wrong.  There still isn't enough free space for a software update and I that makes me pretty unhappy.  I guess I have too much music on there now?
  11. Spent a good amount of time considering what NC State decal I would like to buy for the back of my car.  My old one fell off forever ago and it's high time I get that replaced.  
What's kind of funny is that it was family Thanksgiving in Raleigh and Aaron and Kayla are home in Castle Hayne.  If I was there too, I would have had pretty much the exact same weekend.  Except Emma would have gotten fed because Mams would never forget.  

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Mams said...

Ahh, It was just not the same without you not there to celebrate with Mamaw and Bawpaw. Even Trevs spoke up saying the same on our trek back home. It just didn't feel right. And this weekend when it really is Thanksgiving, well it's not going to feel right all over again. It will be the first time ever that you and Aaron won't be here. I imagine, ole Trevs might have something to say about that as well.

But on a more upbeat note, Aaron hooked up the Apple thing and it is awesome!! Catching up on LOST and I'm hooked all over agagin. 3 shows into the final season with like 16 to go. I'll now get to see how the season ended. Whoo hoo!

And I'm jealous about the snow...will ole Wilmington get any this year?????? Guess I'll just have to come visit your blog for my daily dose of the white stuff. Maybe you can post a daily "snowy day" picture for ole Mams?