Wednesday, November 30, 2011

- Like Mother, Like Daughter

Emma used to have really flaky skin.  The vet prescribed Sebolux medicated shampoo.

Now my scalp is determined to flake off and leave me and I kid you not, Dude Man mentioned Sebulex shampoo as a treatment before opting to stick with T-Gel.  I am slowly convincing it to "Come on in and sit a spell".  Sometimes I need to say really southern things when I start to feel like I've assimilated too much into Minnesotan culture.

Rosey is still going in full force and regularly finding new places to colonize.  This is a hostile takeover since I have granted her no such permissions.  I've heard UV light/sunlight can help from a few people now which means I'm considering the unthinkable - going to a tanning bed as treatment.

But since my skin is having a teenage girl moment and screaming "I HATE YOU, You never let me do anything I want to do!" at it's Mother - it's only logical that Emma's would as well.  Sunday I noticed that her stomach was looking pretty rash-y so I scheduled a vet appointment for today...and I decided we would knock out that whole nose biopsy thing while we were at it.  I mean what's $313.60 more at the vet other than just a drop in the bucket at this point.  Plus if she's going in, we might as well just make a day of it.  I also noticed last night that it appears she's been chewing on her armpit, because it is bald and scabby.  That dog is itchy, y'all.

This morning I dropped her at the vet and in order to biopsy her nose, she had to be put under.  It was only going to be for like 10 minutes - tops...but she's my furbaby so I was nervous.  I didn't do my lab work this morning because I wanted to sit by the phone and make sure I didn't miss the call saying that she was fine.  And that's the only reason I didn't do my lab work - it had nothing to do with how I didn't really want to do that experiment anyway.  By lunch time I hadn't heard anything and having inherited about 50% of my Mom's capacity to worry, I was nearing a panic attack.  So, I called them to check on her.  They hadn't done the procedure yet.  They did it about an hour later and when they called me to tell me that she did really well and was in "recovery" I was in a meeting and missed the call.  Funny how that stuff works out.

Last night that dog made me laugh because she is incapable of resisting a freshly dried pile of laundry.  While I showered she made herself at home - and somehow got wrapped up in a pair of undies.
The dog that doesn't like anything on her head doesn't seem too bothered.

But today that's a different story.  The two places that were biopsed now have sutures - which means someone has to sport a super sexy cone so that they can't scratch them out, or rub her nose on everything.
I understand the logic here, but y'all, this dog doesn't.  I am pretty sure she thinks that this is a crazy torture device.  Plus she couldn't eat after 10 last night so she went almost 24 hours without food.  That's just cruel and unusual in her book.  This cone makes even walking hard because she's so low to the ground, it doesn't take much for it to get caught up in the carpet, or on the asphalt and it just stops her dead in her tracks.  And she hates it because that has got to feel weird.  And she bumps into everything.  Lucky for her she's got 10-14 days to get used to it.
And she's so groggy still from being put under it's all she can do to open her eyes halfway.

What a pathetic little bear.

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Lantanalane2 said...

I'm sorry for Ems....but she looks so funny!