Sunday, December 11, 2011

- The Cone of Shame

Emma's nose biopsy came back as Canine Discoid Lupus Erythematosus.  Basically what that means is that because Emma was already allergic to everything else, she literally became allergic to her own skin.  It's not super serious, but could be something we deal with for the rest of her life and it does require a long term steroid treatment.  Which works out well considering she's itchy as heck and since she became allergic to her allergy medicine, steroids are our next alternative to keep her symptoms under control.

Friday she went into the vet to get her stitches taken out and when they came out a lot of the scabs fell off so her nose was looking pretty raw and gnarly.  But, since the stitches were gone and her nose didn't seem to be bothering her I figured she no longer needed her cone.
Those grey hairs under her eyes look like tears from where she's been crying about her sad life.

So, I brought her home and then ran back out to do some other errands.  Can you count how many mistakes I've made up to this point in the story?

A few hours later I returned and really really really had to pee.  So, I stopped off in the guest bathroom, and I was sitting there I looked over to the wall and saw some red smears.  Red smears that pretty much resembled blood.  Then I looked down at the mat in front of the sink that was also tinged in red.  I called Emma into the bathroom and by the way she guiltily skulked in there, she knew that something had gone horribly wrong in my absence.  But, her nose was fine.  So, I checked her stomach, which had been so itchy that all week that she couldn't even walk outside to pee without hobbling on three legs, because she had of her back legs pulled up to scratch her stomach - while walking.  But, it wasn't her stomach.  Instead it was her lip.
This is not what it looked like when I left.  
It's a tad blurry, because she didn't really want me to document this.

In about 2 hours she managed to scratch out a bunch of hair and basically rub her lip raw until it bled all over everything.  Well, not everything, just anything white.  Like the freshly laundered load of whites I had put in the guest bedroom, on top of the white sheets.  Luckily she managed to avoid the starfish chair and my bed.  Silver lining!

Thankfully, her steroids and topical meds seem to have kicked in, so she's not currently scratching anything and everything is looking a lot better.

But, I don't trust that ho bag, so she's going to be rocking this look for a few more days...
Poor Emma - she's got it ruff (sorry, couldn't resist!)

And just for fun...

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