Friday, December 30, 2011

- Hecticness

Right now things look a bit like this: 
And I don't want to brag or anything...but I packed my entire apartment in about 12 hours.  8 of which were yesterday.

I'm sitting in the corner blogging as movers pack it all on the truck.  Hiring these guys was the best decision I made in 2011.  Other than becoming a rugby fanatic.

There have been three great saves so far; the first of which was remembering to unpack this bad boy before the movers whisked it away:
"I will do it.  I will take the ring to Mordor, though I do not know the way"
Yeah, I'll be nerding out all the place pretty soon.

The second was remembering to unpack my camera usb cable so that I could show you the picture that I had just taken of the Fellowship of the Ring.  I'm dealing with some pretty important issues today.

The third was remembering to measure how high my headboard is hung.  It's at 67 inches right now, and I think I will lower it to 65 at the new place.  But if I don't document that here then I'll have to do a lot of math when I get there and re-measure about 18 times and then it probably won't be in the right spot still.  So I'm really glad I remembered to do that.

Also, remember when I could pack up Jeepy and move wherever with one or maybe at most two carloads?  Well those days are long gone.  This pile is just the stuff going to Goodwill, and I'll be lucky if I can fit it all in one trip.
Beer and Wii not included with donation - the Goodwill pile is right next to the pile of stuff staying with me in my interim 4 days of homelessness.  Which is actually quite small considering.

The most exciting thing left concerning this apartment is waiting to see how much they will charge me to patch the holes that I was instructed not to try patching myself.  Even though I'm smart and know how.  Base rate is $5 PER HOLE.  Realistically speaking, we're looking at A MINIMUM of $100.  At least.  Heaven forbid you anchor your load bearing shelves and mirrors correctly.  

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