Wednesday, December 28, 2011

- Radio Silence

Yo December was all hectic and stuff for me, as I'm sure it was for you.  Here's what I did in chronological order, because I'm fancy:

December 12-14: Preparing for my venture home.  I tried to get ahead of the game at work by running some experiments except I made the rookie mistake of weighing up everything incorrectly.  I also went to my first work Christmas Party where I started that whole "It's the holidays so I will eat 3 plates of food because these calories don't count".  It was successful.

December 15 & 16: Travel days.  Emma and I left the Minnie around 6 AM and managed to drive through Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana before crashing out in Dayton Ohio.  On Friday we arrived in Raleigh and crashed out for the night with the Grandparents.  It was wonderful getting some one on one time with them and my Aunt and Uncle as usually we're in all in a big group and sometimes difficult to have a real conversation.

December 17th: I started the morning with some Christmas shopping around Raleigh and I have to say that driving my own car around my old stomping grounds had this fantastic familiarity that I never realize how much I miss until I'm right there in the thick of it.  Then we had our family Christmas.  Then I totally crashed in on Kelsey's family gathering as it was also graduation and I felt it necessary to welcome her into Doctorhood.  Went out for a bit and was super tired, but ended up partying until 4:30 AM and then crashing on a loveseat.  Crashing is my word of the day.  Y'all, I'm getting too old for that nonsense.  Also my hair is getting way too long as evidenced by the massive resulting rats nest.  Will be chopping it off soon.

December 18th: One of my favorite days spent back in NC since I got to hang out with two of the families I used to babysit for.  The first family I saw I spent 6 years with, and their house seriously feels like a second home.  I loved catching up with them and talking about their lives, while checking out new photography hobbies, and laying on the floor building legos.  Then I drove out to Clayton to see my favorite set of twins and even though they are way too young to remember the time that we spent together I loved seeing that Jack is still a big flirt and Eliana finally has hair.  I climbed into their play house with them and there may or may not have been a totally unflattering picture taken of me wherein I look like I showed up to playtime drunk, but it was fantastic.  And so sweet to have an almost 3 year old break down in tears because they couldn't go home with "Miss Laurie".  I finished out the night by driving home to the Hayne.

December 19th-25th: Family time.  Family time = Discovering Paper Mario for the Wii, wearing my pajamas all day every day, an epic session of Lord of the Rings extended edition watching, egg nog, crocheting with Mams, watching the most amazing try ever scored and a bunch of other rugby games with Fahtar, and lots of talking in a completely butchered English, Australian, New Zealand hybrid accent.  I spent lots of time with Brotard #1 and Shelayla and even though Brotard #2 is way too cool for school, he managed to fit me into his schedule a good bit.  In health news I guess all of the crazy traveling and "partying" caught up with me because within 24 hours of arriving home I got sick with an awesome Christmas Cold that resulted in more "snot-splosions" than I'd care to admit.  I also went to the dermatologist for a second opinion.  Her opinion was mostly that my Doctor in the Minnie was pretty much wrong about everything. Which means I will now refer to him as the The Toz, because he reminds me of The Todd from Scrubs, in that I completely doubt his competence.  She sent me off with a new diagnosis and some new meds, which so far seem way more promising, in that they are WORKING.  The lesson learned: Doctors aren't always right.  Emma also only made it a few days before she wound up at the vet with a skin infection.  Her aggressive initial steroid dose to get her lupus under control pretty much has her immune system wiped out. There were a few days there where we were pretty much the saddest Mother/Dog-hter pair ever.  

December 26th-27th: Traveling back to the Minnie.  Living in Minnesota is all well and good until I do things like go home for a week and realize just how much I miss being close to the people I love.  Tears were shed upon leaving.  I stopped off in Fuquay to spend some time with my BFF's and their adorable little Buggie.  I cried again sitting on the floor of her living room because I mean I was already emotional and then we had to go and talk about serious things.  There may or may not have been several more instances of tears when it was just Emma and I in the car.  Goodbye is hard.  Not knowing when I'll be back is I'll probably have to fix that soon.

Today.  I'm at work.  With about 20 other fellow employees who I guess didn't have enough vacation to make it through the end of the year either.  I had some minimal tasks to take care of which were made enjoyable by the sweet voices of She and Him and I will probably head out a bit early because the movers are coming on Friday.  And y'alll - my apartment isn't packed.  If you're surprised by this at all it's because you clearly don't know me and my procrastinatory ways.  I mean it's like 25% packed, which isn't good enough since I intend to move 100% of my stuff.  I think we're entering that phase of packing where I just throw stuff in boxes all willy nilly and call it a day.  Or throw it all into dressers because the movers said I don't have to empty out the drawers.  How nice of them to aid in my laziness.

After Friday there will be a few days where I trespass on the hospitality of my friends here in the Minnie since I will be in between apartments.  So if you bear with me for about a week longer I might have something interesting to talk about....or maybe some fun pictures to post of the new place.  Or, after the move I could be way too busy watching my TV that will have CABLE that I don't leave my couch for a while.  Who can really say?

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