Thursday, January 26, 2012

- Vignettes

Inspired by washcloths Kayla made me for Christmas.
Kayla also gave me this yarn.  Big mandela crocheted by Mams.  Lil ones by me.
After.  Plus new lampshade found on sale for nine dolla holla.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

- One Year

Today is my "one year ago I started a full time job like an adult" anniversary.  It's been great.  Deciding to be an adult was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  Then again, there was no more school to be had, so it was kind of time to make a move.

Other things I've done this past year that are "grown up":
1. Hired movers
2. Got myself a financial planner
3. Donated to charity (being grown up really only applies to $$ as far as I'm concerned)
4. Took possession of my birth certificate

That's probably about it.  It might be worth noting that a lot of these activities took place in the latter part of the year.  This whole "growing up" thing is a slow process.  And I've been known to regress in certain other areas, like drinking and my recent affinity for the color pink.  But I guess something has to give, right?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

- Reincarnation

I made these curtains about 6.5 years ago for my first apartment:
I have loved that fabric ever since I found it and the curtains have had a place in every home as shower curtains, bedroom curtains, living room curtains, and guest bedroom curtains.  But in this new apartment, they were homeless.  There is a considerable amount of yellow in the living room now, but this yellow was a bit too bright.  Luckily, the fabric is reversible.
Also, I have TONS of it.  The curtain panels are about 105 inches long, and I still have about 5 yards left on the roll.  I've come up with a few places to use it, and the first of which is a table cloth for my new round table.
Remember this mock up?

The reason for the layered tablecloths is because the printed fabric is a super thin cotton that wouldn't offer enough coverage, but also, I don't have a lot of it since I only have the two panels. 

To make a round table cloth you first need a really big square piece of fabric with the dimension: 
2 x the height of the table + diameter of table
for my table:
2 x 23.75 + 36 = 93.5

Mistake #1.  It does NOT equal 93.5.  It equals 83.5.  But I didn't know that at the time.  So I rounded up to 94 and got to sewing my square.    Then I made a compass with a safety pin and a piece of string tied to a sharpie and marked my circle.

Mistake #2: I marked the RIGHT side of my fabric.  On the wrong side it would have been a lot easier to hide.  
Luckily it didn't matter too much because once I cut it out and pinned the hem, I put it on the table to check length and promptly realized Mistake #1.
Yeah, that's a little too long.

So, I tried again.  This time I marked the wrong side of the fabric because I was all learning from my mistakes and such.
Wish I knew where that tape measure is.  I haven't seen it since last night.

I would like to say that then it was right, but it wasn't.  It was still too long for whatever reason so I spent a lot of time re-pinning everything to get it to the right length.  For this type of table cloth it really needs to be just ABOVE the floor to drape correctly.  Once I finally got there I just hemmed it up, trimmed off the excess fabric and then ironed everything.  
Side note: I'm totally OCD about my pin cushion.  They are ALWAYS sorted my color because that's just how I roll.

Then I did the second tablecloth.  I didn't match up the pattern exactly because I was really trying to conserve this fabric so that I can use it for a few other projects.   But, I thought it was important that one of the big circles be centered, so that it would also be centered on the table.  I  managed to do my math correctly this time around (around, haha).  This circle is about 16 inches smaller than the other one because I wanted to leave an 8 inch band for the other fabric to peek out.
This fabric was ridiculously hard to sew because it was so flimsy, so if you're ever at my place don't look too closely at the seams.  Or you can, just don't make fun of me for it, because then I'll be "Oh, well where's your custom round table cloth?  Yeah that's right.  I didn't think so."

Here's everything in its place.  
This picture looks a lot better if you pretend that everything in the background doesn't exist.  Just look at the table!

Here's a quick mock up with some accessories:
PS - I fixed the lamp - much better, right?

I really like the way it turned out, but here's what I'll say about round table cloths: they take FOREVER to make.  Seriously, do not think that this will be a quick project.  All said and done I probably spent about 10 hours on this project - but the TV was on, so I was maybe distracted a bit.  Granted I made two and one big math error along the way...but what I'm trying to say is that this is not a project to rush through, or try to complete on a deadline.  

Emma has been under the table since I set everything up.  She really likes to hide - and it's really cute when she peeks her head out to check on everything.  

Friday, January 20, 2012

- This Rugby Thing

Some of you peeps are really caught off guard by this whole "rugby-obsessed" thing.  Seems a bit out of left field, right?  Right.  Well lemme tell you a story...

Once upon a time there was a man.  He started playing rugby at NC State and continued when he transferred to UNCW.  Then he was one of the founding members of the Cape Fear Rugby Club.  Then he met a woman, who loved disco and dancing which wasn't his jam, but he went with it anyway.  While he waited for her to get ready before their first date, he sat down and did a crossword puzzle.  They got engaged in the car one night before heading into the bar to hang out with the rest of the rugby crowd.  And they got married on May 15, 1982 at Greenfield Lake and had a pig pickin' for their reception.  Pretty much as quickly as socially acceptable they had a daughter.  They named her Laurie.  Laurie Elaine.  Although, if she had been a boy she would have been named Gareth, after Gareth Edwards - one of the greatest Welsh rugby players ever who scored what is commonly referred to as "The Greatest Try of All Time".

I spent nearly every 4th of July weekend growing up at the Cape Fear Sevens Rugby Tournament, which has grown into one of the largest 7's tournaments in the country.  Here's a great write up the Wilmington Star News did last year.  Even though I spent a lot of time around the sport, I never really learned the game.  Rugby was my "favorite" sport - but that's mostly because I was a major Daddy's Girl.  I never played, but I never played any team sports.  When most kids are learning how to play sports I was riding horses and competing in shows on the local circuit - and even at the state level a few times.  One summer during my Master's program I wanted to head home for the tournament but the water pump on my car broke.  I rented a car.  At the tournament I drank beer and watched some games where I saw a guy dislocate his shoulder and then pop it back into the socket.  Then I drank some more beer and partied with the South Africans.  Then I passed out in the restroom.  My mom not only had to find me, but she also had to drive me home.  I think the lesson here is to be careful when partying with South Africans.  And to be careful when drinking in the sun.  And to make sure you always have a DD.

I haven't been back to a tournament since.  That embarrassment took a while to fade.  Although, as far as rugby tournaments go my actions were par for the course, they just occurred a bit early in the day.

At this point, nothing is really signaling that I know anything about rugby.  But, then I moved up here.  Far away from everything I know, and everything I thought I knew about myself.  In May I checked out the Pride Parade and saw the local gay rugby team marching.  Every now and then they would stop and do a line out, and then pass the ball as they were running to keep pace.  It got me thinking..."I should look into local rugby teams and maybe check out a game".  Google found the Metropolis Rugby Club for me - the only Division I team in Minnesota.  The only problem was that their spring season was over.

So, I forgot about them.  Around August my mom and I were talking about the lack of cute guys in my life and she was all "You should go to a rugby game!"  Now this approach worked out quite well for her, so I googled again and found out that their season was starting at the end of the month.  Which was the same weekend my good friend Karen would be in town.  I didn't even have to spend all week trying to talk someone into going with me.

And that's how I ended up on the sidelines of every single home game Metropolis played this past fall, except one.  I'm not going to lie, there were enough cute guys at that first game to warrant further investigation.  But something else happened at that game too...I realized I really enjoyed watching the actual game. By the second one I realized I wanted to know the rules.  I needed to know the rules.  What position their numbers stood for.  Why there was a penalty called at that ruck.  What is a ruck?!

This is the point where the stars just happened to align, because it was a World Cup year.  I have the uncanny ability to get completely absorbed into any big sporting event.  The Olympics?  You bet your ass - summer and winter.  Fifa World Cup?  I watched nearly every game in 2010.  March Madness?  Let me tell where you went wrong with your bracket.  Golf?  I worked at a country club so it's been known to happen.  Kentucky Derby?  I'll make you a Mint Julep.  Superbowl?  I'll watch that!  (I would also like to point out that I've been saying the Packers defense is weak and relying on Aaron Rodgers to bail them out since like...November.)  Sorry baseball and NBA - not my jam...yet. (This year I have had awesome times at Twins and Timberwolves games, so I'm not writing anything off).  What I'm saying is - the Rugby World Cup was the perfect opportunity for me to totally immerse myself in a new sport.  

And boy did I ever.  I had the pool play schedule memorized.  Because it was in New Zealand, I didn't catch nearly as many full games as I would have liked - but I would wake up every morning afterwards and check scores and watch the highlights video.  I read nearly every news article published on the official website.  I started following rugby people and news outlets on Twitter.  Many people would consider information overload...and yet, I couldn't get enough.  I wrote about my picks here.  I had my lengthy, total rugby-focused phone conversations with my Dad, and always had goosebumps when we hung up.  Even though I'm ridiculously close to my dad, he's a man of few words and doesn't say much on the phone, but these conversations lasted 30 minutes or longer.  For the first time I felt like we were really connecting over something we both cared about that wasn't directly related to family.  Not only was I becoming passionate about this sport, but I loved that it brought my dad and I closer.  I think it's kind of awesome that even though I grew up around rugby, I found my way to it by my own path in my own time, and fell in love with it all just the same.

At this point I'm not looking for a boyfriend any more.  Well not one within rugby.  Or I mean, that could be great...I'm just saying I watch games because I love watching games.  There is no ulterior motive.  For the first time in my life, I am a legit "sports fan".  During the World Cup I not only fell in love with our Eagles, but the Australia vs. Wales bronze medal match solidified both teams as international favorites, with Australia having the slight edge.  When the world cup was over I jumped right into the Heineken and Amlin cups taking place in Europe, and the HSBC Sevens World Series.

Here's a quick rugby lesson: there are normally 15 players on a side and they play 40 minute halves.  In the game of Sevens - it's seven on a side, and seven minute halves - hence the name.  It's therefore fast, and super exciting to watch, and it will be making its Olympic debut in 2016 in Rio.  The USA competes in the World Series and for the first time ever, has offered paid contracts to 15 men and 8 woman to start building up our Olympic teams.  I'm a HUGE fan of Sevens and love watching the tournaments.  I stream them online and have been known to wake up at all hours of the night to catch games live from Dubai and South Africa.  

Rugby is giving me one of the best birthday presents ever by having a jam packed February schedule.  The 6 nations is starting up and will have games 3 of the 4 weekends with Wales playing my other favorite, Scotland, ON my birthday.  The Sevens World Series has stops in Wellington and Vegas.  Some of those games from Vegas should be televised and if you get a chance to check any of them out I highly recommend you do.  If you catch a USA game look out for my favorite - Tiberio, who is one of the paid players and will hopefully make the squad...and send me a jersey.  On top of all this, super rugby starts up in the southern hemisphere at the end of the month.  Good luck beating that anyone else that gets me a gift.  Seriously though, if you're my friend - don't get me a gift.  Just hang out with me and make me feel special.

Sooooooooooooooo that's the story of how rugby moved from the background to the foreground of my life.  It's my jam.  And one of the best things about it is that it seems to love me as much as I love it.

I think it's a keeper.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

- The Story of My Life

Last year when Emma was having a really hard time with her separation anxiety I bought some IQ treat balls at the suggestion of a trainer.  I put her breakfast in one before I leave in the morning (or dinner if it's before I'm going out at night) and give it to her when I leave.  That way she's distracted with trying to get her food when I leave.  The only problem is that these things roll around everywhere and I can't tell you how many times I've stayed up later at night than I wanted to because I can't find where one has gotten stuck.

This happened to me last night.  I spent about 20 minutes looking all over the place and couldn't find it ANYWHERE.  I figured the most logical place for it to be was lost in all this craziness:
So, I cleaned things up.
And of course, I didn't find a treat ball in any of that mess.  But, look at how much space is back there! I was planning on putting my table back together, but turns out I don't have a big enough ratchet.  And it may not look like it, but I did make several trips to put stuff in my storage closet down the hall.  For now I'm leaving a lot of craft stuff around so that I have it on hand for the projects I'll be working on.

Emma's treat ball was under my bed.  Which I searched several times.  I just didn't see.

Tomorrow's high is 2 degrees.  Emma's ready.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

- I Used a Jigsaw!

Remember when I was toying with the idea of a round coffee table?  No.  Well maybe it's because that idea only lasted for like a day because I just couldn't reconcile it in the space.  But, as an end table?  Well that was something that had some potential.  The main problem in floating a couch in the middle of a room is that your end tables aren't on a wall.  Which means they are not close to outlets.  Well, the one on the left of the couch is.  But the best furniture placement pulls the end table off the wall quite a bit and I didn't like the larger gap because it meant it would be harder to hide the cord.

So this round end table idea, well it had some leverage.  Especially if it was bigger and allowed for a tablecloth, which could disguise all the cords and take up more space beside the couch to make the furniture placement more logical.  I kind of fell in love with the idea of a round end table a while back when I found this on Pinterest:
I really like the idea of having more heigh on one side, and the lack of matchy matchy tables.  Plus, I just happened to have a round glass table top left from the outdoor furniture that I had back in Raleigh.
A glass table top and an Emma.

For the last year it's been hidden in the back of a storage closet wrapped in paper because I didn't really know what to do with it.  Until now.

I started with this Ikea side table.
You can only do this project if you have a matching rubber chicken.

Side note: Emma was useless.

I have two and used them as end tables when I first moved up here but I never really liked them.  But they were $7 each so it wasn't really something to cry over.  I was planning to donate them when I moved, but I just couldn't actually bring myself to part with them.  First I thought I would make covers for them and use the two as coffee tables.  But then this round table idea kind of took root.

And I just happened to have a leftover piece of plywood from my headboard construction that was perfectly sized for a 3 foot circle.  Also, I borrowed a jigsaw from a co-worker.
I didn't have any safety glasses, so I used some oversized sunglasses because you know, safety never takes a vacation.  
This is the first time I've ever used a jigsaw.  It went quite well.  Except that it was 9pm on a Sunday night, so sorry about that neighbors.

Once I had the circle cut (Guess what?  My circle is NOT perfect.  Since it barely fit in the piece of leftover plywood two sides are flat-ish.  Also, it was my first time using a jigsaw so there were some points where I wavered.  But it's going to be covered in a heavy material and it matches up with the glass top close enough.) I placed the table on and tried to center it as best as I could.  Then I traced the outline of the table top.  The dots on the inside are where I marked to place the screws.  I decided to place the screws 2 inches in because at 1 inch is where the legs screw into the table top and I didn't want any interference.
I pre-drilled the holes into the top first then placed it back on the table.  Then I laid on the floor and looked up to make sure everything was lined up in the outline I traced.  I pre-drilled the holes into the top of the red table by going through the holes I had already drilled in the round top.  That way I knew that everything would for sure line up.  The only thing kind of disappointing (but expected) is that the ikea tables were hollow.  To give myself something to screw into and guarantee some more stability I used wall anchors.
Then I just screwed everything together.  And I would totally have been done except that the table is still about 6 inches shorter than I would like.  So, while I still had the jigsaw I used the last bit of my leftover plywood to make some "stilts" as a way to gain more height.  Since the table legs are 2 inch squares, I cut a bunch of 3 inch squares so I would have some leeway on placement and they wouldn't have to be completely exactly centered to be stable.
Pre-drilling all the holes in these pieces was probably the most time consuming.  I used the largest drill bit I had for the stilts so that the screws went through relatively easy.
I made a template to find the center of the legs, but used a smaller drill bit here (probably about 1/8 inch) so that the screw would have more to "grab" onto in the legs.  I had to attach the stilts in two sections because I didn't have anything longer than a 4 inch screw.  I used those for the first 4 shims, and then a 3 inch screw for the last three.  It doesn't look exactly awesome, but it will all be covered up anyway.
And I got it perfectly level on my first try.  Which was when I really wasn't trying, so clearly it doesn't have to be exact, especially since it's sitting on carpet.
Not only is it level, but it's also surprisingly stable, which is what I was most nervous about.  I still need to sew the round tablecloths that will go on top, but I did a quick mock up even though everything around it is an absolute disaster.  
And no, you're not drunk (or you might be, I'm not judging) - that lamp is totally crooked.  It got beat up in the move and needs some lovin'.

I actually would have preferred it to be even taller, but I don't have any more plywood to build up the legs and at this point it's even with the height of the couch which is at minimum what I wanted.  Also, the taller it is, the more material I need for the table cloth and if I'm doing my math correctly I'm already getting close to maxing out as it is.  

But still, not too shabby for using materials I had on hand (except for some long screws) to get a table that suits the space perfectly.  I bet you a million dollars it will look better once everything is cleaned up and it's styled with some accessories.  But for now I just focus on this side of the room, which looks a lot better.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

- The Wall

Here's what happens when I move.  I am super gung-ho in the beginning.  I need things unpacked and functional ASAP.  With this move my bedroom was completely unpacked on Day 1.  My headboard was even mounted on the wall.  On Day 2 I grocery shopped then unpacked and organized my kitchen.  I didn't want to have an excuse to eat out any more.

By day 4 the mess in my closet and dressers was driving me crazy and I was tired of scrambling to find things to wear to work.  So I organized my closet more than I ever have before.  For extra credit I carried this energy over to the bathroom and had that completely tackled and even decorated.

Then my apartment was functional.  So for 2 days I did nothing.  I "rested"...because moving is hard work and I was tired.

But then the living room started to annoy me - there were a million cords everywhere and my bookshelves were asking for attention.  On day 7 I spent 2 hours wrangling cords.  Then I unpacked all of my books so that I could organize them by color and set them up in the bookshelves.

On Day 8 I "organized" the boxes that were left and hung a shelf over the TV.  Which was a complete pain in the ass because I couldn't get the anchors placed right and at the end of the day, even after using my trusty level, the left side is about 1/8 of an inch lower than the right.  And yes it's enough to bother me and I'll be fixing it.

The next day I organized the remaining boxes - and was surprised to find that there are still 16!  And even though I started with somewhere around 52 and I've made major progress the fact that there are still 16 left is still completely overwhelming.  Which means, I'm dealing with using my patented method of not  dealing with it.

It's Day 12 and my apartment is completely functional.  Emma seems to have settled in so I guess there's no rush.  But then there's this going on:
And I don't know how much longer I can convince myself that it doesn't bother me.

Monday, January 9, 2012

- A Note From Emma

Dear Mom,

I'm adorable.  (See picture for reference).  I really appreciate all that you do for me.  Like providing numerous places for me to curl up and snooze.  Or always keeping an abundance of carrots in the fridge for my treats.

But, I'm not really cool with this whole "moving" thing.  It's just a lot of change for your "little bear" to handle.  Which is why I've been a tad constipated lately.  And when you leave, you've trained me to find food.  Which I'm really good at - like last Friday when I sniffed out that random bag of leftover white chocolate chips that you forgot you stashed in a box that you left on the floor.  That probably didn't help out my tummy which got really bloated yesterday.  When you googled "dog bloat" there were some super scary results and you made me go to the emergency clinic at 10:30 on a Sunday night.  Sorry about that $114 bill.  I tried to show you I wasn't too bad off by maintaining my appetite.

At the clinic we found out that normally skinny frame had overnight started to carry two pounds extra.  Anxiety backs me up. Which is why I had to poop all over our apartment at 5AM this morning.  

I'm feeling so much better now!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

- I'm Resolute

I usually don't do resolutions.  Seems like not a good way to start the year proclaiming something that I  will probably never accomplish.  But yesterday I was G-chatting with Karen about hers while simultaneously doing some much needed internet research on psoriasis and I got inspired...

What?  It's been like at least a week since I mentioned my skin.  Let's talk about it.  When I was home I saw a dermatologist who thought that my skin rash was NOT Pityriasis Rosea.  She thought it Psoriasis.  Just like my scalp.  Except on my body too.  She gave me a topical steroid which helped and within a few days it looked A LOT better.  But you can only be on that for 2 weeks and my 2 weeks are up.  While I don't have any scaly patches, all of the patches have a distinctive white outline.  This isn't too bad on my arms, but on my back it looks pretty nuts and is still completely noticeable.  I'm not sure if that means that the rash is still present, or if it's a skin discoloration side effect of the meds.  So, while it's better, my skin still doesn't look awesome like it used to.  Man, remember those days?  They were awesome.  I took them for granted.  Also I'm more than a little afraid that it will just revert back to what it looked like before all this madness.

My scalp on the other hand is doing much better.  Although it is taking some extreme diligence and do you know how hard it is to find a mirror angle that allows you to see the back of you head?  Also, do you know how hard it is to be skilled enough to then apply medicine to the back of your head while using a mirror which obviously reverses everything.  Talk about a mind puzzle.  Spoiler alert: It's impossible and I give up.

So, knowledge is power right?  In my research I found that the number one non-medicine treatment for psoriasis is diligent moisturization.  Surprisingly neither dermatologist I saw ever asked me if I was doing this, had tried it, or suggested that I do.  Moisturizing.  Something totally simple, that I can do on my own, without prescription drugs (which I would rather avoid all together) - and no one thought that after all those long years in medical school they should bring it up.  Now also, I could take some of the blame here...if I have rough dry scaly patches on my skin - why wasn't that my first plan of attack?  I don't really know.  All I can say is sometimes you put 2 and 2 together and get 4.  Sometimes you get 3.  And sometimes you just don't even add 2 to anything because you don't think it relates to anything else.

What I'm saying is: I resolve to be the most moisturized person you know.  I'm going to moisturize in the shower, after the shower, before bed, in the morning, and probably after lunch.  And I'm going to moisturize with quality, simple lotions and creams - think Aquaphor, Eucerin, aloe vera and jojoba oil.  I'm also going to make it a mission to drink like 80-100 ounces of water every day.  And for the love of Jebus, I'm going to take that multivitamin.  Every day.

Once I find the bottle of them which is hiding in a box somewhere.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

- Step 1

True to form, the first room completely zhushed in my new apartment is the bathroom.  Because it's the smallest and easiest.
Still rockin' my hologram Halloween tissues.
I combined stuff from the two bathrooms in the last apartment, keeping my favorite things from each.  Like the Ikea curtains that Jaclyn gifted me, which are some of my favorite things ever.  Plus hanging them there and so high completely eliminated the draft that was freezing me out of the shower.  Along with the Emma print that I painted last year.  Not to be all "I'm awesome" or anything but I pretty much nailed it!  It's exactly what I wanted it to be and I love the mix of bright colors.

Also, I love this bathroom.  It's gigantic so there will be no problems sharing when people visit (guest sink is on the right) and it also has lots of great storage which I have organized to the max.  Having a linen closet in the bathroom is kind of magical.  One of the best features though is the fact that the fan is on a different switch.  In the last apartment if the light was on, the fan was on.  Which was loud and annoying, so I had the fan disconnected.  But then I could hear everything happening in the bathroom above mine and that was awkward at times, to say the least.  

It's the little things in life y'all.

Friday, January 6, 2012

- Visions of Sugarplums and Furniture Placement

I have had a hard time sleeping in the new apartment.  It could be because those big windows that let in all the sunlight during the day also let in all the city lights at night, and I've been too lazy to close the blinds.  It could be the fact that I've become a coffee person - and now drink a cup every morning.  But I think it's mostly that I just can't turn off my mind.  I CANNOT stop thinking about how I want to decorate every inch of this place and at night it's all I can do to stop long enough to catch some Zzz's.  Which means I wake up tired.  And need coffee.  

What a vicious cycle.

Even at work I can't stop obsessing over how every single thing is going to be placed.  It's not uncommon to find scrap pieces of paper with "sketches" and notes scribbled all over them.  
This piece also shows how yesterday I had a really hard time multiplying 1300 x 12.

I will say though - I've had some pretty genius ideas in the last few days.  Which gives way to a massive TO DO list.  Here it is, a la Young House Love style:
  1. Make round end table (need to find a jigsaw to borrow).
  2. Find 3 white drum lamp shades.  Preferably, on the cheap.
  3. Make living room pillows that incorporate some awesome yarn crocheted in a super cool way with the help of ole Mams.
  4. Protective seal canvas in kitchen.
  5. Find acrylac.  Because I will need it.  On everything.
  6. Paint lil dresser - it's the one going yellow.
  7. Paint wine rack - PINK.  Or I guess, fuscia is more accurate.
  8. Paint brown tray to go on top of PINK wine rack.
  9. Paint dining room table and re-stain top.  (Also, with all of this painting, I think I need to invest in a sander.)
  10. Procure a desk.  Either from the list of Craig, or there's a snazzy stainless steel one at Ikea.
  11. Hang long floating shelf over where desk area will be.
  12. Procure dining room chairs from Ikea with cash payment.
  13. Recover the chair seats for the brown wooden arm chairs.
  14. Move the ottoman in my bedroom back to the living room.  Possibly re-cover top?
  15. Procure a smaller bench for the end of my bed.  So that Emma can still jump up there.
  16. Make parson's chair covers from yellow mandala fabric.  This will be insanely hard.  And I will probably cry and yell many curse words during the process.  But if I can pull it off, it will make an awesome desk chair.
  17. Make curtains.  Those will be super fun and I have one clue for you: Chevron.  Boom!
  18. Make a gallery wall with all white frames for the wall across from the kitchen (this will involve painting lots of frames that I already have and probably picking up quite a few hundred more from Ikea)
  19. Paint large canvas to hang above dresser.
  20. Zhush things.  Meaning - decorate.  Hang art, place candles, vases and various other random useless things on shelves all over the place.
And get this cuh RAZY ness: I've decided to have a birthday/housewarming party on February 10 at mi apartmente nuevo...which means I will want very close to ALL of this accomplished by then.  There are two projects I will wait for until warmer weather...and that involves painting all of my Ikea shelving dark grey and the dresser in my room teal.  

This weekend I hope to finish zhushing my room and the bathroom, and get the rest of the boxes unpacked.

Ready, set, GO.  

Thursday, January 5, 2012

- Reppin' the Rainbow

At some point, I'm going to paint some things.  
Just thought you'd like to know.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

- Christmas in January

Today I did the inaugural Target trip that you do after you move anywhere and in the midst of buying everything in the store I stumbled upon the Christmas aisle.  At 70% off, there were a few things that I just couldn't resist.  Together with the ornaments that Mamsie whipped up for me, I have a pretty good jump on the Christmas tree that I will actually get to put up next year. 
Yep, pink.  It's happening people.

So, I didn't have my camera handy when I got the keys to the apartment, but I did snap a few pics with my cell phone.  Here's the clean slate:
Kitchen.  Things I love so far: the fridge is huge, the double sink is extra deep and there's like a ridiculous amount of storage!  The laundry room is not pictured anywhere, but it's to the left of the fridge.  Things I don't like: there is currently no alcohol present.
Living room.
Den.  Which will be the dining room/office.
Bedroom, this is a hard one to take pics of through the doorways.  Also, sorry I was too lazy to rotate the pictures for you.  
Here is the view from the other direction.  Emma already had it colonized.
Bathroom.  These captions are really necessary, I mean you'd probably never figure out what you're looking at if I didn't tell you.

Also, because Jaclyn was curious, I took some "in progress" pics during Day 1 (which was just yesterday although it feels like several days have passed and I've been in a bar fight every day since then) - so here those are...
Guess what tool I don't have?  A ratchet.  Hence why the dining room table looks like that.  But I'm painting it anyway so I guess there's no rush.
One of the things I was concerned about with this apartment was that there are only windows on one side.  That's actually typical, but the wall with the windows did not include my bedroom and I was kind of worried about it being pretty dark.  My last apartment was south facing which is the best for light, but they neglected to tell me it was on a courtyard so the building itself actually blocked out most of the light after about 2 or 3.  But now I'm on the top floor and my apartment faces southwest so I pretty much have light all day.  And I can see the sunset every day.
Not super special, but I'm just saying, I can see it.

I was too lazy to take pictures of Day 2 progress, but I did make a quick video.
I sound miserable.  But I promise I'm just tired.  I do really love this apartment.  But I HATE cardboard boxes.  
One more time...because she's adorable.