Wednesday, January 4, 2012

- Christmas in January

Today I did the inaugural Target trip that you do after you move anywhere and in the midst of buying everything in the store I stumbled upon the Christmas aisle.  At 70% off, there were a few things that I just couldn't resist.  Together with the ornaments that Mamsie whipped up for me, I have a pretty good jump on the Christmas tree that I will actually get to put up next year. 
Yep, pink.  It's happening people.

So, I didn't have my camera handy when I got the keys to the apartment, but I did snap a few pics with my cell phone.  Here's the clean slate:
Kitchen.  Things I love so far: the fridge is huge, the double sink is extra deep and there's like a ridiculous amount of storage!  The laundry room is not pictured anywhere, but it's to the left of the fridge.  Things I don't like: there is currently no alcohol present.
Living room.
Den.  Which will be the dining room/office.
Bedroom, this is a hard one to take pics of through the doorways.  Also, sorry I was too lazy to rotate the pictures for you.  
Here is the view from the other direction.  Emma already had it colonized.
Bathroom.  These captions are really necessary, I mean you'd probably never figure out what you're looking at if I didn't tell you.

Also, because Jaclyn was curious, I took some "in progress" pics during Day 1 (which was just yesterday although it feels like several days have passed and I've been in a bar fight every day since then) - so here those are...
Guess what tool I don't have?  A ratchet.  Hence why the dining room table looks like that.  But I'm painting it anyway so I guess there's no rush.
One of the things I was concerned about with this apartment was that there are only windows on one side.  That's actually typical, but the wall with the windows did not include my bedroom and I was kind of worried about it being pretty dark.  My last apartment was south facing which is the best for light, but they neglected to tell me it was on a courtyard so the building itself actually blocked out most of the light after about 2 or 3.  But now I'm on the top floor and my apartment faces southwest so I pretty much have light all day.  And I can see the sunset every day.
Not super special, but I'm just saying, I can see it.

I was too lazy to take pictures of Day 2 progress, but I did make a quick video.
I sound miserable.  But I promise I'm just tired.  I do really love this apartment.  But I HATE cardboard boxes.  
One more time...because she's adorable.

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Mams said...

Oh, how nice it's going to be and I'm so excited to see it start coming together!! Whoo hoo!!