Monday, January 9, 2012

- A Note From Emma

Dear Mom,

I'm adorable.  (See picture for reference).  I really appreciate all that you do for me.  Like providing numerous places for me to curl up and snooze.  Or always keeping an abundance of carrots in the fridge for my treats.

But, I'm not really cool with this whole "moving" thing.  It's just a lot of change for your "little bear" to handle.  Which is why I've been a tad constipated lately.  And when you leave, you've trained me to find food.  Which I'm really good at - like last Friday when I sniffed out that random bag of leftover white chocolate chips that you forgot you stashed in a box that you left on the floor.  That probably didn't help out my tummy which got really bloated yesterday.  When you googled "dog bloat" there were some super scary results and you made me go to the emergency clinic at 10:30 on a Sunday night.  Sorry about that $114 bill.  I tried to show you I wasn't too bad off by maintaining my appetite.

At the clinic we found out that normally skinny frame had overnight started to carry two pounds extra.  Anxiety backs me up. Which is why I had to poop all over our apartment at 5AM this morning.  

I'm feeling so much better now!


Mams said...

Great, hope they wer turdlets and not the alternative....

Laurie Elaine, Ph.D. said...

You know they weren't.