Sunday, January 22, 2012

- Reincarnation

I made these curtains about 6.5 years ago for my first apartment:
I have loved that fabric ever since I found it and the curtains have had a place in every home as shower curtains, bedroom curtains, living room curtains, and guest bedroom curtains.  But in this new apartment, they were homeless.  There is a considerable amount of yellow in the living room now, but this yellow was a bit too bright.  Luckily, the fabric is reversible.
Also, I have TONS of it.  The curtain panels are about 105 inches long, and I still have about 5 yards left on the roll.  I've come up with a few places to use it, and the first of which is a table cloth for my new round table.
Remember this mock up?

The reason for the layered tablecloths is because the printed fabric is a super thin cotton that wouldn't offer enough coverage, but also, I don't have a lot of it since I only have the two panels. 

To make a round table cloth you first need a really big square piece of fabric with the dimension: 
2 x the height of the table + diameter of table
for my table:
2 x 23.75 + 36 = 93.5

Mistake #1.  It does NOT equal 93.5.  It equals 83.5.  But I didn't know that at the time.  So I rounded up to 94 and got to sewing my square.    Then I made a compass with a safety pin and a piece of string tied to a sharpie and marked my circle.

Mistake #2: I marked the RIGHT side of my fabric.  On the wrong side it would have been a lot easier to hide.  
Luckily it didn't matter too much because once I cut it out and pinned the hem, I put it on the table to check length and promptly realized Mistake #1.
Yeah, that's a little too long.

So, I tried again.  This time I marked the wrong side of the fabric because I was all learning from my mistakes and such.
Wish I knew where that tape measure is.  I haven't seen it since last night.

I would like to say that then it was right, but it wasn't.  It was still too long for whatever reason so I spent a lot of time re-pinning everything to get it to the right length.  For this type of table cloth it really needs to be just ABOVE the floor to drape correctly.  Once I finally got there I just hemmed it up, trimmed off the excess fabric and then ironed everything.  
Side note: I'm totally OCD about my pin cushion.  They are ALWAYS sorted my color because that's just how I roll.

Then I did the second tablecloth.  I didn't match up the pattern exactly because I was really trying to conserve this fabric so that I can use it for a few other projects.   But, I thought it was important that one of the big circles be centered, so that it would also be centered on the table.  I  managed to do my math correctly this time around (around, haha).  This circle is about 16 inches smaller than the other one because I wanted to leave an 8 inch band for the other fabric to peek out.
This fabric was ridiculously hard to sew because it was so flimsy, so if you're ever at my place don't look too closely at the seams.  Or you can, just don't make fun of me for it, because then I'll be "Oh, well where's your custom round table cloth?  Yeah that's right.  I didn't think so."

Here's everything in its place.  
This picture looks a lot better if you pretend that everything in the background doesn't exist.  Just look at the table!

Here's a quick mock up with some accessories:
PS - I fixed the lamp - much better, right?

I really like the way it turned out, but here's what I'll say about round table cloths: they take FOREVER to make.  Seriously, do not think that this will be a quick project.  All said and done I probably spent about 10 hours on this project - but the TV was on, so I was maybe distracted a bit.  Granted I made two and one big math error along the way...but what I'm trying to say is that this is not a project to rush through, or try to complete on a deadline.  

Emma has been under the table since I set everything up.  She really likes to hide - and it's really cute when she peeks her head out to check on everything.  

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Mams said...

I can't believe the part of my fav curtains are now a table round, but it you did a fab job!