Friday, January 6, 2012

- Visions of Sugarplums and Furniture Placement

I have had a hard time sleeping in the new apartment.  It could be because those big windows that let in all the sunlight during the day also let in all the city lights at night, and I've been too lazy to close the blinds.  It could be the fact that I've become a coffee person - and now drink a cup every morning.  But I think it's mostly that I just can't turn off my mind.  I CANNOT stop thinking about how I want to decorate every inch of this place and at night it's all I can do to stop long enough to catch some Zzz's.  Which means I wake up tired.  And need coffee.  

What a vicious cycle.

Even at work I can't stop obsessing over how every single thing is going to be placed.  It's not uncommon to find scrap pieces of paper with "sketches" and notes scribbled all over them.  
This piece also shows how yesterday I had a really hard time multiplying 1300 x 12.

I will say though - I've had some pretty genius ideas in the last few days.  Which gives way to a massive TO DO list.  Here it is, a la Young House Love style:
  1. Make round end table (need to find a jigsaw to borrow).
  2. Find 3 white drum lamp shades.  Preferably, on the cheap.
  3. Make living room pillows that incorporate some awesome yarn crocheted in a super cool way with the help of ole Mams.
  4. Protective seal canvas in kitchen.
  5. Find acrylac.  Because I will need it.  On everything.
  6. Paint lil dresser - it's the one going yellow.
  7. Paint wine rack - PINK.  Or I guess, fuscia is more accurate.
  8. Paint brown tray to go on top of PINK wine rack.
  9. Paint dining room table and re-stain top.  (Also, with all of this painting, I think I need to invest in a sander.)
  10. Procure a desk.  Either from the list of Craig, or there's a snazzy stainless steel one at Ikea.
  11. Hang long floating shelf over where desk area will be.
  12. Procure dining room chairs from Ikea with cash payment.
  13. Recover the chair seats for the brown wooden arm chairs.
  14. Move the ottoman in my bedroom back to the living room.  Possibly re-cover top?
  15. Procure a smaller bench for the end of my bed.  So that Emma can still jump up there.
  16. Make parson's chair covers from yellow mandala fabric.  This will be insanely hard.  And I will probably cry and yell many curse words during the process.  But if I can pull it off, it will make an awesome desk chair.
  17. Make curtains.  Those will be super fun and I have one clue for you: Chevron.  Boom!
  18. Make a gallery wall with all white frames for the wall across from the kitchen (this will involve painting lots of frames that I already have and probably picking up quite a few hundred more from Ikea)
  19. Paint large canvas to hang above dresser.
  20. Zhush things.  Meaning - decorate.  Hang art, place candles, vases and various other random useless things on shelves all over the place.
And get this cuh RAZY ness: I've decided to have a birthday/housewarming party on February 10 at mi apartmente nuevo...which means I will want very close to ALL of this accomplished by then.  There are two projects I will wait for until warmer weather...and that involves painting all of my Ikea shelving dark grey and the dresser in my room teal.  

This weekend I hope to finish zhushing my room and the bathroom, and get the rest of the boxes unpacked.

Ready, set, GO.  

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