Sunday, January 15, 2012

- The Wall

Here's what happens when I move.  I am super gung-ho in the beginning.  I need things unpacked and functional ASAP.  With this move my bedroom was completely unpacked on Day 1.  My headboard was even mounted on the wall.  On Day 2 I grocery shopped then unpacked and organized my kitchen.  I didn't want to have an excuse to eat out any more.

By day 4 the mess in my closet and dressers was driving me crazy and I was tired of scrambling to find things to wear to work.  So I organized my closet more than I ever have before.  For extra credit I carried this energy over to the bathroom and had that completely tackled and even decorated.

Then my apartment was functional.  So for 2 days I did nothing.  I "rested"...because moving is hard work and I was tired.

But then the living room started to annoy me - there were a million cords everywhere and my bookshelves were asking for attention.  On day 7 I spent 2 hours wrangling cords.  Then I unpacked all of my books so that I could organize them by color and set them up in the bookshelves.

On Day 8 I "organized" the boxes that were left and hung a shelf over the TV.  Which was a complete pain in the ass because I couldn't get the anchors placed right and at the end of the day, even after using my trusty level, the left side is about 1/8 of an inch lower than the right.  And yes it's enough to bother me and I'll be fixing it.

The next day I organized the remaining boxes - and was surprised to find that there are still 16!  And even though I started with somewhere around 52 and I've made major progress the fact that there are still 16 left is still completely overwhelming.  Which means, I'm dealing with using my patented method of not  dealing with it.

It's Day 12 and my apartment is completely functional.  Emma seems to have settled in so I guess there's no rush.  But then there's this going on:
And I don't know how much longer I can convince myself that it doesn't bother me.

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