Wednesday, February 29, 2012

- Leap Day

I now present: "Random Thoughts Inspired by the 29th day of February".

Have you seen Leap Year?  It's a ridiculous chick flick where a girl flies off to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day, because in Ireland it's socially acceptable to do so.  Of course she meets some other guy and falls in love with him because that makes total sense.  The catch?  This tradition is a real thing.  Or it is by the looks of the tweets coming from rugby players in the British Isles.  Apparently they're "losing" a lot of great men over there.

I would never propose to a guy.  Except maybe a Welsh rugby player.  I would also never want to be proposed to on a jumbo screen at a sporting event.  Except unless it was a Welsh rugby player and we were in Millennium Stadium.  We could name our son Gareth.  I do not currently know any Welsh rugby players so there's about a -0.3728% chance of any of this happening. 

On the 28th day of February we got our first real winter "snow event". Although most of the snow fell on the 29th day.
Pretty anticlimactic.

This nook is my favorite part of my apartment.  I stare at it often.
It's got so many of my favorite things in it.  Like that chair.  And those crocheted mandalas I did with Mamsie's help.  And that clock that I won back in 1997 for consistently rocking it out in horse shows.  And that lamp that I covered with yarn and still can't believe how good it looks.  And that owl that Jaclyn gave me as part of my going away/Christmas present right before I moved up here.  And that blue book end that reminds me of Katie Singer because it's a pretty rock.

Speaking of Katie Singer - today is her birthday!  Love you Katie!  If you were here I would take you out and treat you to White Castle.  I know what you like.
Emma also likes treats.  She got one after a bath.  Now that my skin is on the up and up I guess that means that hers needs to start flaking off and making a run for it.  Salicylic acid and coal tar for all!  Those are the active ingredients in all of our shampoos.
She was doing this really cute thing while eating her treat.  Then I acted interested and she went all hunchback-y on me.

I bought this plant.  It was just the pink thing when I got it.  Of course I got it because it matched.  I had no idea these purple flowers were part of it.  It keeps popping one out on the left side, then on the right.  Starting at the bottom and working it's way to the top.  Nature is crazy, yo.
Even though purple doesn't match, it's kind of my favorite color right now, so I'm not mad. 

I would also like to thank Leap Day for coming around this year and preventing my birthday from being on Monday next year.  

That is all.