Tuesday, February 14, 2012

- Twenty-Nine

Oh yeah, I turned 29.

I don't really know how I feel about it.  I could talk about all of my broken dreams and how the things that I thought would happen by this point in my life, didn't, and probably won't by the time I'm 30.  But it seems a bit unfair to be all complain-y about not meeting self induced time lines when I do have so much to be thankful for.

Like Family.  I think both of my brothers remembered to wish me a Happy Birthday without a reminder by ole Mamsie.  And Friends.  About 25 people celebrated with me this year and I love each and every one of them in so many different ways.  And health.  My skin and scalp have decided they're over being sickly.  And the health of those I know and love.  And Emma.  Who loves me always and is the best little cuddlepuppy a girl (woman?) could ever ask for.  Also, she's healthy too so maybe we will go a month without visiting the vet?  And my job.  Which is awesome.  And my new apartment.  Which is saving me $600 a month and therefore helping me become more financially secure.  And rugby.  Which gave me a weekend of games, a lot of which were televised on regular ole NBC.

I celebrated by hosting a party at my place on Friday night.  It was super fun.  I made a lot of expressions that look like this and wow do I talk with my hands.  Which isn't a surprise, but I mean WOW:
In any of these pictures I could be talking about Jaclyn, my hair, more specifically my scalp, my credit score, champagne, candles, Emma, decorating, getting accidentally knocked up in the future, or G Man.  I definitely talked about the latter to at least 5 different people and made them look at pictures.

Here's the one normal picture:
Soon to be framed on the gallery wall

Then Saturday night I went out with a group of peeps downtown wearing offensive tee shirts.  Which was also a blast.  Here's what I've mostly learned about 29: I might be getting too old to celebrate all weekend.  Because Monday morning I was DEAD.  As in I felt like a shell of myself and when I looked in the mirror I could tell that I went to bed 2 nights in a row without washing my face and applying numerous anti-aging creams.  I looked OLD.

And I guess I am old.  And yet, still quite young.  Filled with possibilities and hope.
And champagne.  And vodka soaked gummy bears.

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