Wednesday, March 7, 2012

- We're Done Here

Things changed must faster around this here blog than I anticipated.  For one thing, while I still bumble around in Gimp and have to google how to do nearly everything I would like to do, I have actually learned a few tricks over the nearly 2 years (SAY WHAT?!) I've been playing around in it.  So, the learning curve isn't quite so steep these days.

As far as design goes I've known for a long time that I've wanted some kind of chevron incorporated.  I just love it too much to quit it right now.  What I didn't expect is to be swayed by a somewhat 80's geometric theme (like this) which included a chevron variation.  Originally I had plans to use each and every pattern, but sometimes you have to edit yourself down.  Am I right Megan?  And let's be honest, it's still pretty busy which is representative of my aesthetic: when in doubt add another pattern.  The chevron is the same that I originally tried to tile in the background but due to the way it's designed it just doesn't lend itself to that kind of thing.  When I found the waves as a pre-designed background in the Blogger templates it just kind of fit.  Since I moved up here I really find myself identifying with the fact that I grew up on the coast a lot more than I think I ever did in Raleigh.  I use shells/nautical themed accessories more in decorating and due to the surprising lack of general geography knowledge most Americans have - when people ask me where I'm from I usually default to: "the beach of NC".  Sometimes I say the coast.

This is also the first time I've ever played with "brushes" which are the flower-esque designs.  They are essentially like using rubber stamps, except in your computer.  I had planned to weave some stems in to the design as well...but again, I kind of reached that point where it was like everything I thought I wanted to add all of the sudden felt unnecessary.  I kept my font, because I still love it.  All of the dimensions are the same, although I'm thinking I would really like to make the body wider, which is an easy enough just would involve completely re-doing the banner in different maybe that will happen on the next re-design.

The only other thing that I felt was really important to incorporate...was an oval.  Or, the most simplistic shape used to represent a rugby ball.  It might sound a little cray cray, but I just feel like rugby has become such an important facet of my life that there had to be some kind of homage paid to it in the design.  Even though you never would have known it was there if I hadn't told you because it isn't overtly obvious, but it's there.  It probably should be since I called my Dad today just to talk his ear off about all the recent rugby news.  Fahtar barely got a word in edgewise...which is ridiculous considering I really don't even know what I'm talking about.  I'm just well-read.  Truth be told, I don't "like" ovals.  I tend to gravitate towards squares and circles.  Just so Mams doesn't feel left out, I actually browsed to see how they incorporated ovals into their paper crafting to see what struck me.

What I'm saying is...this design looks simplistic and easy to recreate, but there's a reason peeps go to school for graphic design.  And why I am obviously not one of them.

For those interested in blog design - I discovered tonight that there is a limit to the amount of space allowed for "free" photo uploads you get in Blogger...and I've reached it.  I'm going to start hosting my pictures at Flickr now, which I think is pretty standard...but if you think you'll be doing this for a while and incorporating a lot of pictures, it might be something to look into sooner rather than later. 


Megan Whitson said...

I love it!! It is so very you too, which I think is the point of a blog. Sometimes I have the urge to change the design of my blog with each season to reflect how I feel in that moment. Like you said, as someone who loves pattern, it is so difficult to edit yourself down, but at some point you realize stopping now is best. I am always envious of the Design*Sponge blog design because it is one of the only well designed 'dark colored' blogs in a sea of white and grey blogs. I think you did a great job, I especially love how the green and yellow play off each other with this unexpected vibe in the chevron.

Lantanalane2 said...

Love it, it's so refreshing!

Kelsey Ryan said...


Laurie Elaine, Ph.D. said...

Thanks guys! Megan I've thought about seasonal designs too...and even monthly like Pioneer Woman does. But ultimately - I think once a year is enough for me. That's about how often I redecorate, so it seems right.