Thursday, April 12, 2012

- Brunch Club does Easter

One of the first things I learned about the city of Minneapolis when I interned here in 2008 was that pretty much every restaurant serves brunch - on both Saturday and Sunday morning.  This is perhaps one of the best things ever...because I love brunch.  Whether I go out for it or not, I pretty much always make it for myself on the weekends.

My group of work friends is made up completely of transplants and one of the ways we explore the city is to have brunch somewhere new every Sunday.  We've been doing it since last fall and haven't had a repeat yet.  We call ourselves the Brunch Club and whenever we do something else we call it "Brunch Club does..."

Since none of us went home this past weekend for the holiday, I hosted "Brunch Club does Easter" - a potluck style sit down brunch.

I decided to be fancy and spent the whole day before cleaning, throwing away the title for my car, and setting the table.  That's right, this was going to be official.  I even busted out my new "fine" china and bought flowers.
Table before flowers.  For some reason I gave all my cloth napkins to Goodwill when I moved so I had to work with these cute printed ones I found at Ikea.
Close up of the new china.  It's from Home Goods and I bought two place settings in each pattern.  Since that's only 4 places I mixed in some of my plain white stuff to end up with six places.  The goal is to look out for other white/metallic silver patterns so that I can continue to grow the set and mix and match.

Pretty pink flowers on the table.  I bought a big bouquet and split it between the table and a vase in the living room.
Brunch club did Easter - and we did it right.  It was an utterly perfect day filled with full plates, bellies and conversation.  Hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as we did!

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