Thursday, May 24, 2012

- Chevron

Ever since I found this tutorial online I've known that the curtains I hung in the living room would get chevron stripes painted on them.  Which is why I was so excited to find the exact same white curtains used in the tutorial in Ikea for $25 per 2 panels.

I hung those curtains in February so that everything was in place for my birthday party with the thought that I would paint them later.  You know later, it's some time after now.  It could have been closer to February but I was busy sitting around watching rugby and working on a massive peanut butter addiction.  But most of the rugby is over for the season.  And peanut butter and I needed a break according to the waistband on every single pair of pants I own.

So last Sunday I went into Home Depot and ordered up a quart of Glidden's Granite Grey determined to get this party started.  But then I decided I should really drive out to my favorite Home Goods and one thing lead to another and I managed to take all of the curtains off the rod.  Then I looked at the tutorial and started thinking about the math involved because I didn't want to copy her stripe placement and I got tired and had to go to bed.

Monday I tried again.  But then there was something on TV - I don't even remember what...maybe America's Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - and it took me a long time to do THE math and I measured on one of the curtain panels and hated the placement and had to draw up another diagram.

I finally landed on this:
What that nonsense basically means is that I placed the stripes the same distance from the bottom of the top.  I like things symmetrical.  But finally figuring this out took way longer than I'd like to again I was sleepy.

Last night I decided I was ready.  I used my reference sheet and an hour later (not an exaggeration) I had this taped up:
Then I moved it over to a different section where I'd put down a drop cloth.  But I couldn't just go ahead and get my paint on.  Because I have a dog.  A black dog.  That sheds.  Using a lint roller was an important step in this process.  Unless you like a bunch of hair all stuck in your paint.
Gah-ross.  What a hobag.

Then I painted.  It became immediately obvious that this material was going to suck up a lot of paint.  I have no idea where it all went, because it didn't soak through the cloth at all.  Things would look great and then 5 minutes later there would be all of these white spots appearing where it looked like I didn't even paint.  Also - even painting 2 simple stripes will take longer than you think it might.  After all of that and some drying time I had this one panel:
And I was sleepy again.  
Pro-tip from Fahtar: if you put your roller (all the way) in a ziploc bag and seal it up it won't dry up.  Meaning you can paint something over the course of days and only use one roller.  

I woke up this morning excited to see what the curtain looked like in the day light but found this instead:
Let's check that out up close...
So...yeah.  I didn't exactly get even coverage.  This becomes pretty darn obvious when light shines through the panel.  I actually don't mind the unexpected textured look so much except for those circles which are a direct result of my equipment:
Also, yes I am painting my table also right now.  More on that later.

Here's the this point you either stop, or you keep going.  I decided I liked the textured chevron enough to see the project all the way through but I did add one modification.  I used a brush to smooth out all of the circles on the roller after getting rid of the excess paint.  Tonight with the 2012 National Geography Bee on (those are some SUPER smart middle schoolers) I finished up the other 3 panels.  I have never had a project almost use all of the paint I bought.  If I had to guess which project would use the most paint, I NEVER would have picked this one.  This is all I have left:
This is what the wall of chevron looks like presently:
Emma is just sitting there.  Shedding all over my couch.  

So far I love it.  We'll see what I think tomorrow.  If it bothers me enough I think the easiest fix will be to add a lining to the curtains to block the light.

Oh the rest of the room is a mess?  I hadn't noticed.  

Probably because all of this measuring and taping and painting while crawling around on the floor has made it totally obvious that I am totally old and I'm currently laying here dying from back pain.  Not really but kind of.

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OMG they look great and I love them!!!