Monday, May 7, 2012

- The End of an Era

A few days ago my Minnesota license arrived in the mail.  None of the DMV's print them onsite anymore so even though I took the knowledge test and squared it away forever ago it took about 4 weeks to show up.  Until it arrives, you're supposed to carry your old ID that they clip the corner off of and your yellow receipt from the DMV.  Super fun to present at bars.

I resisted this change for so long because one of my last physical ties to North Carolina was carrying my license.  It made me feel like I was still me.  The old me.  The one that lived in NC for nearly 28 years of her life.  I felt like carrying my old license meant "You can take the girl out of North Carolina but you can never take the North Carolina out of the girl".

In reality, I waited WAY too long to make this happen.  When I got pulled for accidentally driving in the HOV lane I was warned that I had already worn out my 60 day "grace period" of not having the right license or plates.  But I didn't get my plates until October when I was faced with a ticket for expired NC plates and rather than paying it - it was cheaper to register the car here and get the ticket dropped.  I was reminded again at that point about my license.  But still, I just couldn't.  I wouldn't.  When I was home in March Mams broke the news that my car insurance had gone up as a result of the ticket and that the insurance agent said it was time to kick me off.  "If the car is in Minnesota, she should get her own insurance policy".

What a hussy!  How dare her kick me off my parent's insurance policy?!  At first I was pretty angry about this news but the more I thought about it I saw she kind of had a point.  At 29 years old and with a steady big girl job, I couldn't argue that the time hadn't come to finally take all of MY responsibilities and put them on MY plate.  I guess I only grow up when forced to.

I can't help but feel that it's officially the end of an era.  For 13 years I carried a NC license.  Now, I have a ridiculously lame Minnesota one with a terrible picture in which I look sort of like a boy and sort of like I have a mullet.

But don't let my license mislead you, I'm still ALL North Carolinian.
The old license is all framed up and part of my gallery wall now.  

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