Tuesday, May 8, 2012

- Lamby

There once was a Lamby.
He was handpicked from a PetSmart somewhere in Raleigh by a girl who was preparing for a dog she very much wanted to bring home, despite what her Mamsie thought.  A dog that she was told loved squeaky toys and Lamby was not only adorable, but also had a fun squeaker is his belly.  Other toys were bought, but Lamby is the only one that rode with the girl to Spartanburg, SC to meet a dog.

The dog met Lamby in the car on the way home but it was not the love at first sight the girl had imagined.  Granted, on the ride home in a new car with a new person, a new squeaky toy was one of the least interesting things.  After all, there were lots of new car windows to leave new nose prints on.  Once home, the dog broke his squeaker relatively quickly and he lost his appeal.  But, to the girl, Lamby was always a symbol of their first meeting and the day they became a family.  Lamby stayed in the dog's crate no matter where they went so that there was always something familiar.  Even if the dog didn't notice.  Every now and then the dog would play with Lamby and during one bout an arm was lost.  Other dog friends loved to play with Lamby and eventually his chest stitches were ripped so that he lost stuffing from from two places.  Lamby was worse for wear but has lived a loved life.  Even if it was more by the girl than the dog.  

Replacing Lamby has never been something that crossed the girl's mind.  He was to stay in the dog's crate as long as he could be pieced together to do so.  Even if the dog rarely used the crate anymore.  

But then one day, when the girl walked through the dog aisle at Target on the way to pick up some food for the dog, this new Lamby was spotted:

Lamby v2.0

The girl used to love watching Lambchop and still can easily sing "The Song That Doesn't End" for minutes on end.  If ever there was a lamb to replace the original Lamby...the girl knew that this would be the one.  
Napping with Lamby v2.0 in a sunny spot.

After 4.5 years, there is a new Lamby in town.  With a squeaker in her belly and one in each paw.  She is loved.  Even if it's mostly by the girl. 

Lamby v1.0 is still in the dog's crate.  Because some things to some people are too special for a trash can.  



Mams said...

I didn't know you watched lambchops. Know how you feel about Lamby #1....now you know why I had such a hard time getting rid of you and your bro's stuffed toys. It was me who loved them more that you all...probably..lol.

Mams said...

And I forgot to say how cute Emms is with the new Lamby!