Wednesday, May 23, 2012

- Lay Offs

I said in the beginning that I wouldn't use this forum to talk about my job.  Meaning that I didn't want it to be a common subject that somehow started to define my personality.  Plus, I like to keep the divide between my professional and personal life, and this place is all about the personal.  I do not tell people at work that I do this.  Just like I don't come on here and talk about how to make Hamburger Helper.  This is not the place for such things.

But, I feel the need to make a quick comment based on recent events.  Depending on how tuned in you are you already know what I'm about to say or it will be news to you: General Mills announced yesterday that there will be lay offs.  There will be about 850 worldwide, half of which will come from the Twin Cities...which is about 8% of our local staff.

General Mills is not a company that does the whole "lay off" thing very commonly.  The last time it happened was (I think) back in 2004 after the Pillsbury acquisition and that was probably to eliminate redundancies.  Now it's about the bottom line.  We've done quite well to stay afloat despite some very tough years in a poor economic climate with ingredient, transportation, and every other kind of cost skyrocketing.  But looking forward we have to make some changes.  Along with the lay offs comes probably the biggest re-organization of R&D in the last decade.  

We have no idea who will be laid off.  Every single employee will have a face to face meeting that reveals their status by June 28th.

So you might wonder how I feel about all this and I have 3 words for you: I ain't skeered.

You heard me!

I refuse to live my life in a constant state of worry or fear.  Since I started this job I have looked for every opportunity to show them what I'm capable of and had I known that I would be in this position a year and a half after I started...I wouldn't have done a damn thing differently.  I also still would have chosen to work at General Mills because I firmly believe that they are the best of the best.  There is no other company I want to work for at this time.  I am confident that I can gracefully handle whatever the next month brings - and will probably come out better for it.

That is all.

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