Sunday, May 13, 2012

- Mother's Day

Every time I venture home Mamsie puts me through the dreaded task of listening to all of the music she's recently discovered.  I say dreaded because I always huff and puff about it but between you and me...when it's not Taylor Swift - Mamsie picks out some pretty good stuff.

Like this gem from the Zac Brown Band & Jimmy Buffet featuring one of my all time favorite songs (from
This song makes me emotional for some reason.

And even though I'd already fallen in love with the Avett Brothers, I think over Christmas we listened to this at least 3 times a day.  And it wasn't too much.  I always think of Mams when I hear the lyric "And you were sick like Audrey Hepburn".
I think this was back in the early days...

When I was home in March it was the Civil Wars.
My current fave
A fantastic cover

I listened to all of the above songs and played the Civil Wars all day today in my car in honor of the best damn Mamsie in the world.

If she ever comes and visits me maybe I'll sit her down and force her to listen to some of my favorites...

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Mams said...

I don't know about the "best" part, but I try hard! And Mamsie does love her's some moochie for you xoxoxox