Friday, June 22, 2012

- A Few Notes

Note 1: I have a job.  I did not get laid off, and I am grateful and appreciative for that.  But I have spent the last week at work saddened by the growing list of respected and admired collegues that will not be moving forward with me.  I did not have enough time to learn from them.  I feel pressure (from myself) to create a legacy like they did and staring at the face of that tall order makes me more than nervous and filled with fear of failure.  But, I am still excited by my future with the General...and so we journey on...

Note 2: To Las Vegas!  Where I will be spending the next week and I gotta tell you I am more than stoked to leave the gloominess behind for a bit.  This weekend will be all about the vacation and then I'll be attending the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo for like the 6th time (?!) next week.  I have never been to Vegas before and I fully intend to Live. It. Up.  I'm going into complete tourist mode so you can look forward to an awesome blog recap when I get back...but if you want a real-time sneak peek I will be tweeting and instagramming while there.

Note 3: Wednesday night I was doing something super productive i.e. - sitting on the couch watching The Big Bang Theory when I looked out the window and saw a double rainbow.  The whole thing arched right over St. Louis Park but it was so close to me I couldn't get far enough back to capture it all.  Even through rainbows can totally be explained by science...they still feel like magic.
Side note: I am literally writing this from high in the sky on the way to VEGAS! because in-flight wifi is the bee's knees.  Do people still say that?  I'm totally going to bring it back.  Also...I have to pee like OMG so badly but I'm in the window seat and there's an adorable little asian girl that has fallen asleep on her mom in the seat next to me and I can't bring myself to disturb them.  This could be the longest flight ever known to my bladder.  And yes - I totally went to the bathroom before boarding but it was like the most unsatisfying pee ever and then wouldn't you know it, the second this plane was all ready to go my bladder started feeling like a dammed raging river.  That's what I get for trying to be smart and hydrate before all of the "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" started happening.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

- Sunday Night

Sunday night has got to be the most woe-filled night of the week.  School starts on Mondays.  Work starts on Mondays.  Weekends end on Mondays.  Monday morning comes after Sunday night.  That is a bummer.

Sunday I was perusing Twitter and I saw a tweet from my bestie @Bonnaroo about how they were doing live webcasts.  So, I flipped over to their website and there's the link and this magical thing happened when I clicked it.  I was here at home...but kind of also dancing in the grass on a farm in Tennessee.
To Bon Iver
To The Civil Wars
And to Phish.  I thought I was kind of over Phish, but then this happened and as I sang Wilson (at 8:09 in the video) and danced around the living room, I realized that loving Phish is easier than riding a bike - thanks to ex-boyfriend #2 for teaching me that.

Sunday night at Bonnaroo.  The last night.  When the closing band leaves the stage you realize that this highly anticipated event has come and now gone.  And every part of it was amazing and you don't want to stop feeling the way you do.  But it's Sunday Night...and it's time to start thinking about the journey home.

Sunday night at home can feel just as bad...filled with the exact same sense of crushing defeat.  You had a wonderful weekend, and after spending the whole week planning what you would do on the weekend and how awesome it would be, it is over.  Did you enjoy it enough?  Did you enjoy it too much?  Do you need a weekend to recover from your weekend? Well then Sunday night is a sad to time to realize what time it is.

Sunday night I listened to Phish sad that Monday morning was next on my agenda.  And then I realized that everyone who was in Tennessee actually listening to Phish was feeling the same agony.  When every song starts you say a little prayer that it is not the last song they play.  Because when the last song ends there is nothing left before Monday morning.  Just one more song...please, just one more.

When your Sunday night ends with a Phish song it takes a while to get over it.  It's Thursday night and I think I'm finally over it.  I think.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

- Christmas in June

My last "Christmas in..." was in February when Tiberio sent me a jersey.  Today he, and rugby in general, have me totally pumped up again.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning.  It's Saturday.  If I had a religion, waking up early on a weekend would be a clear violation of my dogma...but this weekend is a MAJOR weekend for American rugby.  In Philly we have the Collegiate Rugby 7's Championship going on and not only did NC State qualify - but Tiberio is still eligible to play for Arizona and I can guarantee you he's going to making plays All.  Day.  Long.  The best part about the CRC?  It's on TV.  Coverage is starting on NBC Sports Network then will switch to NBC.  Rugby on my TV is infinitely greater than rugby on my laptop - which is pretty much exclusively how I watch games.

On top of that the Rugby Super League (the closest thing America has to "professional" rugby, which is still at best amateur) championship is happening between Old Puget Sound Bay and New York Athletic Club.  I'm an OPSB fan but I'll have a hard time watching that game because it overlaps with the men's club championships in Glendale, CO.  And for the first time in their history my local team (I say "my" because I have donated money and am officially a "booster", so I feel like I have that right), Metropolis, made it to the final four this year!  Later today their game against Belmont shore will be streaming live and yes, I will be that person watching rugby on my TV and computer at the same time and yelling for both.  It's probably good I'm in this alone.

Well Emma's here - but shockingly enough, she's not as into this as I am.
At 6:30 this AM there was no American rugby happening.  I was just so excited that I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep.  So, I went to hot yoga at 8AM and I'm pretty sure that I've never in my life managed to attend an 8AM class.  It was actually really nice and kind of made me wish I was a morning person.   Then I came home and the CRC had started but not TV coverage so I tuned in to the Wales/Barbarians game for a bit before showering.  At this point it's 10:30 and there's still a lot of time to kill.  I ended up tuning into Super Rugby game from South Africa for a bit before deciding to get my project on.

Before I get to that - I painted my table white.  It took forever and like a million coats of paint.  The top has gotten really scratched up in the last two moves and while I'm working up the courage to sand it down and re-stain it I thought I'd try something really different (for me) - a tablecloth.  I'm not thrilled that the only one I could find in a print a like is one of the outdoor vinyl ones but since it cost $4.99, you know, whatevs.  Painting the table white has only made it abundantly clear that the dining room chair covers I have (they're in the background) do NOT work.  I am also working up the courage to sew my own.
And speaking of chairs...I bought some.  For my patio.  It's been so temperate here that I like to sit out there a lot, but haven't had anything to sit on.
They're in really good shape - as are the cushions even though they are faded from the sun.  I love the way the metal is made to look like bamboo and the best part is that they are hollow so they're super light.  Which is great because I had to carry them myself.  They were pretty scuffed up when I got them, which I figure didn't matter since eventually I would like to spray paint them a really fun color, but spray painting takes a lot of time and space that I don't have readily available.  So, in a moment of genius I decided to try a magic eraser on the scuffs and wow they were not kidding when they named in "magic".

There are 4 in the set, but my balcony only fits 2 comfortably.  In an effort to keep as many out of my storage closet as possible, I wondered if I could use one in the living room.
I liked it in that space, but clearly something had to be done about that cushion.  Taking inspiration from these lovely wingbacks Jamie Meares posted on I suwannee - I worked up something similar using some scrap fabric.
I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, but the only thing I didn't realize would be an issue is that I didn't have a lot of the gray print, so I didn't continue the stripe on the back.  And it shows.  
Also, because I was working with scrap fabric, I didn't have enough to center the seam on the back.  I do have enough of the grey to patch a piece in and make this more aesthetically pleasing, but that will take a lot of work and I just don't know if I have it in me.

Plus the rugby has started, so my focus is elsewhere.