Friday, June 22, 2012

- A Few Notes

Note 1: I have a job.  I did not get laid off, and I am grateful and appreciative for that.  But I have spent the last week at work saddened by the growing list of respected and admired collegues that will not be moving forward with me.  I did not have enough time to learn from them.  I feel pressure (from myself) to create a legacy like they did and staring at the face of that tall order makes me more than nervous and filled with fear of failure.  But, I am still excited by my future with the General...and so we journey on...

Note 2: To Las Vegas!  Where I will be spending the next week and I gotta tell you I am more than stoked to leave the gloominess behind for a bit.  This weekend will be all about the vacation and then I'll be attending the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo for like the 6th time (?!) next week.  I have never been to Vegas before and I fully intend to Live. It. Up.  I'm going into complete tourist mode so you can look forward to an awesome blog recap when I get back...but if you want a real-time sneak peek I will be tweeting and instagramming while there.

Note 3: Wednesday night I was doing something super productive i.e. - sitting on the couch watching The Big Bang Theory when I looked out the window and saw a double rainbow.  The whole thing arched right over St. Louis Park but it was so close to me I couldn't get far enough back to capture it all.  Even through rainbows can totally be explained by science...they still feel like magic.
Side note: I am literally writing this from high in the sky on the way to VEGAS! because in-flight wifi is the bee's knees.  Do people still say that?  I'm totally going to bring it back.  Also...I have to pee like OMG so badly but I'm in the window seat and there's an adorable little asian girl that has fallen asleep on her mom in the seat next to me and I can't bring myself to disturb them.  This could be the longest flight ever known to my bladder.  And yes - I totally went to the bathroom before boarding but it was like the most unsatisfying pee ever and then wouldn't you know it, the second this plane was all ready to go my bladder started feeling like a dammed raging river.  That's what I get for trying to be smart and hydrate before all of the "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" started happening.

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