Thursday, June 14, 2012

- Sunday Night

Sunday night has got to be the most woe-filled night of the week.  School starts on Mondays.  Work starts on Mondays.  Weekends end on Mondays.  Monday morning comes after Sunday night.  That is a bummer.

Sunday I was perusing Twitter and I saw a tweet from my bestie @Bonnaroo about how they were doing live webcasts.  So, I flipped over to their website and there's the link and this magical thing happened when I clicked it.  I was here at home...but kind of also dancing in the grass on a farm in Tennessee.
To Bon Iver
To The Civil Wars
And to Phish.  I thought I was kind of over Phish, but then this happened and as I sang Wilson (at 8:09 in the video) and danced around the living room, I realized that loving Phish is easier than riding a bike - thanks to ex-boyfriend #2 for teaching me that.

Sunday night at Bonnaroo.  The last night.  When the closing band leaves the stage you realize that this highly anticipated event has come and now gone.  And every part of it was amazing and you don't want to stop feeling the way you do.  But it's Sunday Night...and it's time to start thinking about the journey home.

Sunday night at home can feel just as bad...filled with the exact same sense of crushing defeat.  You had a wonderful weekend, and after spending the whole week planning what you would do on the weekend and how awesome it would be, it is over.  Did you enjoy it enough?  Did you enjoy it too much?  Do you need a weekend to recover from your weekend? Well then Sunday night is a sad to time to realize what time it is.

Sunday night I listened to Phish sad that Monday morning was next on my agenda.  And then I realized that everyone who was in Tennessee actually listening to Phish was feeling the same agony.  When every song starts you say a little prayer that it is not the last song they play.  Because when the last song ends there is nothing left before Monday morning.  Just one more song...please, just one more.

When your Sunday night ends with a Phish song it takes a while to get over it.  It's Thursday night and I think I'm finally over it.  I think.

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