Monday, July 9, 2012

- 2.5 Weeks

The past 2.5 weeks have been a blur of casinos, dolphins, fountains, Cirque du soleils, buffets, old friends, scientific symposia, drag shows, volcanoes, scallops, the Spring Valley Hospital, tweets, instagrams, giggles with G man, BEST friends, wine, PBR, Sweetwater Blue, THE beach, HOME, brotards, SPF 85, rugby, and tears.

I can't seem to even start the process of saying goodbye to my family without also starting the process of crying.  I'm sitting in the Greensboro airport about to board a plane and remembering how many loved ones I said hello and goodbye to on this trip is overwhelming.  Sometimes in Minneapolis when I'm loving my apartment and my job and my friends and my life there with Emma it's easy to forget how much of my heart is here.  Right now it feels like I'm leaving it completely behind.

Until I wrap my head around that and get it back in Minneapolis you should do what I do and let the sweet sounds of the Lumineers rock your soul.

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