Monday, July 30, 2012

- VEGAS! In Da Club

Listen, I tell you I went to Vegas and you pretty much know what went down.  It's Vegas.  Whatever I did, you can be sure I did too much of it.  Except gamble.  I still haven't even put so much as a quarter in a slot machine.

The main focus of this trip was the annual IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo which was taking place from June 25-28.  So yes, I'm writing about this a month after it happened.  You guys, what happened to July?  For good measure, Kelsey and I decided to go the Friday before so that we could have a whole weekend to party without obligation.  In preparation, I made a ton of lists about stuff I wanted to see and do the week that I would be in town, and I will share those with you now, along with my colorful commentary and pictures whose quality dramatically improves as alcohol intake decreases.

This is the first thing I'm going to talk about because within an hour and a half of my 11:30 PM landing time I was in da club.

1. Chateau @ Paris: A friend of a friend of a friend was with a bachelor party there so that's where the girls ended up before I arrived.  It was on my list of places to go, so despite being tired and bloated from flying, I rallied and showed up.  The bachelor party meant that I didn't have to pay a cover, and the drinks were mixed so well it only took two, which fit right into my Vegas spending plan.  Chateau is all clubby inside with ridiculously loud music and scandalous dancing, but there's also a pretty awesome rooftop section that overlooks the strip complete with a pretty up close and personal view of the Eiffel Tower replica.
Evidence: The Eiffel Tower was close to me.

One of the first things I learned on this trip was that rooftops in Vegas = AWESOME.  Being that it's a desert, it cools down remarkably at night from about 105 to something more manageable like 85.  Which feels awesome without humidity to every part of me except probably my skin.  Even though I started late, I caught up pretty quickly and had a great night out at Chateau.  I showed up again briefly a little later in the trip, but I was already so far gone at that point that I decided a late night eating session was more appropriate.

2. Pure @ Caesar's Palace: So unfortunately I had to pay a cover here, and after doing so I was all "Alright someone needs to buy me some drinks!".  And that's when these two guys magically swept in and were all "Hey do you girls wanna come up and drink with us?  We have table service."  And listen, I don't care that you're from Boston with a raging yankee accent because "table service" are the two most magical words in a place like Vegas.  Several vodka/fruity drinks later we were having a great time.  As an added bonus the VIP section for Pure is on the ROOFTOP.  Perfection.  This ended up being a really fun night that I spottily remember, but I did manage to watch the sun rise.
Evidence: Of drunk yankee, and fruity vodka drink.  
Evidence: Of sunrise.

3. Voodoo Lounge @ The Rio: We may or may not have stopped by here after our trip to Chippendale's.  More on that later.  The Rio is kind of far from the strip so I really just wanted to check out the view...yep, that's right, another rooftop.  This one just happens to be 51 stories is on THE rooftop of the hotel.  It was early and kind of a weird, lame it happens to be pretty windy that far up.  We had a drink, snapped a pic for evidence, and headed on to bigger and supposedly better places.
Evidence: I was up there.

4. Club XS @ Encore: Here is where everything fell apart.  Club XS was having a pool party and the cover was ridiculous.  Probably because the scene was ridiculous.  I have never in my life experienced anything like that.  And after spending $41 at the bar on two drinks and two waters I was distracted by some hot european-esque looking dude who slicked his hair back like David Beckham has been doing recently and this caused me to insecurely place my debit card and ID in my clutch.  I say insecurely because shortly after doing so, they fell out, and were lost in that mess of a scene.  I didn't realize this until an hour or so later when I was paying the cab driver and could only find my corporate card.  I called and cancelled my debit card immediately but couldn't get anyone on the phone at da club.  

The next morning I woke up sick with anxiety at 7:30 AM and started googling how to fly without your ID, which is totally possible, so I turned my attention to the more pressing matter of spending 4 days in Vegas without alcohol.  On top of that - EVERYWHERE in Vegas ID's you when you swipe a credit card.  So aside from the obvious, I was concerned about being able to pay for anything anywhere.  When I finally managed to get Lost and Found on the phone at 9 AM they were apparently sorting through hundreds and hundreds of "found" items from the pool party.  They took my name and number and said they would call me if they found anything.  By lunchtime I had given up, and made peace with my fate.  Sort of.  Which is why I nearly cried from relief when they called at 1:30 saying they had both my ID and debit card.  Later that day when Kelsey and I were waiting for someone to run them out to me, standing by the conceirge at Encore drunk with relief, I declared that Vegas will host my "Dirty 30" birthday party in 2013.  Everyone who wants to come is invited.  It will take place Feb 7-10 to coincide with the Seven's World Series rugby tournament, and it will be more than you can imagine.   

There is no evidence of how disastrous this was.

5. Tao Beach @ The Venetian: Admittedly this is a lame add - because I went there for a customer party - at night.  So it wasn't the day club experience (or even the night club experience that it can be), but I can imagine what that would be like and I wouldn't mind stopping back by.  
Evidence: View from Tao

6. Marquee @ Cosmopolitan: This was one of the places at the top of my list to see, because it's only like the hottest club in Vegas and if you're going to do the club scene there, you best do it right.  Anyways, you can imagine how excited I was to learn that a vendor at IFT was hosting a party there...which translates to no cover and free drinks.  That particular vendor always brings in a mixologist so they had all these fancy drinks and they were particularly effective.  The outside area was pretty swank with rows of individual cabanas with couches and air conditioning and (wait for it) hot tubs.  Inside was also crazy and that place by far had the nicest bathroom I went to in a club during my time in Vegas.  
Evidence: Of Meggles.  And how strong the drinks were.

7. Places on the list I didn't go to: The Bank @ The Bellagio and 1OAK @ The Mirage.  Y'all, I got tired because a week in Vegas is really 3 days too long, so those were saved for the "Dirty 30".

Stay tuned for the next list: Shows - which fall into two distinct categories - classy, or just downright dirty.  Oh, and if you're lucky the pictures get better.

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