Sunday, August 19, 2012

- My New Things

That's kind of a misleading blog title, because most of these things are things I don't actually have, but are new things I've been doing.

If you've seen a Minnesota license plate, then you know we have 10,000 lakes up in here.  After I got back from a whirlwind 2 weeks of travel in July, a few of my friends and I decided it was about time to start exploring them. And not by walking around them...we'd been there and done that.  This time, we went by kayak.
And it was glorious.  This became the perfect way to spend a half day Friday.
This made it even more perfect.

That was at Lake Calhoun.  As much as I enjoyed kayaking, I actually always went to the rental booth hoping to get a paddleboard.  I did it once last summer and it so neat and fun...but there are never enough paddleboards to meet demand.  And I never want to wait however long it takes for people to come back in, especially when there are plenty of kayaks.  But a few weeks ago we decided to try out Lake Harriet.  In my opinion, it's a better lake - but most people go to Calhoun because it's THE lake.  Even though it shouldn't be.  At Harriet it's easier to park.  Easier to eat.  Easier to walk around on the paths.  And, there is usually no line for rentals, or at the most, a short I finally got to paddleboard today.
The view.
The view + me.  

One of the cool things about paddleboards is you can easily go from standing up to laying down.  Those things are seriously stable.  It becomes this super secure way to lounge on the water and soak up the sun (with SPF 80+, of course) and beautiful weather.  It was actually quite windy, so the paddle back in was something that my shoulders will remember tomorrow.

Speaking of the beautiful weather we've been having, I feel that it bears mentioning that the temperatures have already dropped up here.  The warmest it's been in the last few weeks is like 82.  I'm already in such a fall mindset because the lows at night are like 55-60 degrees.  I've been leaving my windows open all day.  I feel like it's time to decorate for Halloween and fall, even though I know that it is unacceptably early to do so.  I keep trying to convince myself that what I actually want is for the weather to stay warmer for about another month because it took too long for the warmth to show up this year and the sooner it leaves, the sooner I will want it to come back again.  BUT there is one good thing that comes with this kind of weather that it is not too early in the season to be socially unacceptable to enjoy...bonfires.
They're even better with smores.

I just love the way they smell.  Apparently somewhere in my neighborhood there are neighbors that agree.  Because generally every night while my windows are open and I'm listening to the sweet sounds of the traffic from highway 100, I can also smell the sweet aroma of dry wood crackling in a fire pit or fireplace somewhere.  

Finally, I think it bears mentioning that the Olympics are over.  I know it happened only a week ago, but it already feels like it was even longer than that.  Every day it becomes easier to forget the magic that London held for me this year.  It was the most patriotic I'd felt in years.  Our gymnasts.  Our runners.  Our swimmers.  Our divers.  Our wrestlers.  Our basketball players.  Our soccer players.  Our beach volleyball players.  Our water polo team!   

Our WOMEN.  

And while the USA was outstanding, they weren't the only ones.  Bolt was again the fastest man in the world.  The hungarian gymnast that won gold on the high bar after completing three releases in a row was other-worldly.  The south african amputee runner highlighted the triumph of the human spirit.  I don't need to know their names to be moved by what we watched them do.

For two weeks and two days there was so much magic in watching athletes from around the world compete.  Now that I've fully geeked out over the Olympics, you can start to understand what it will mean to me to see Rugby 7's played there - on the world's greatest stage.  And while I anxiously await that, and the Winter Olympics that will take place in Russia a short 18 months from now, I need something to bring some magic into my everyday life.

Enter, A Game of Thrones.  

I added the first season of the HBO series to my Netflix queue and I was completely hooked after watching the first disc.  So hooked that I wanted to know more about the books the series was based on.  The more I read about A Song of Fire of Ice - the fantasy series created by George Martin, the more I knew that I had to go out and buy the first book and dig right in. 
Consider me dug in.

If it was as good to me as they said it would be I knew that I'd get through the 673 pages in a week.  It was actually only 5 days.  I could not put that book down.  Today I ordered the next two from  I still have one more disc of the first season coming this week on Netflix.  One of the things that I love most about the book - is how true the TV series stays to it.  I know that sounds a bit backward, but I can't tell you how many times I've chosen to read something because I loved the movie or TV show and consequently ended up disappointed.  Because once you read the book, it is phenomenally better than the movie, and then you realize that while the movie was good, it could have been even better if had done the book more justice.  But with A Game of Thrones, that's not the story.  I'm even more into the TV show now because I know how well they are done.  I don't say this lightly...but seriously y'all - second to the Lord of the Rings in most true adaptation.  

It's times like these when I realize just how deep my nerdiness runs.

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