Monday, November 5, 2012

- The OG

For all you hoodrats out there I'm not talking about the "Original Gangster" - this title refers to the Original Garland I made for my fall decor.  It was all inspired by this wreath that I found on (waitforit) Pinterest.  But, I already had a fall wreath, that I liked quite a bit...
Since I really loved the idea of the leaves, I decided I would try to make a garland replicating that shape that I could hang on the shelves over my TV and desk area.

When I went to Hancock Fabrics - the nearest craft store - I quickly realized that I wasn't going to find the felt colors that I wanted.  So, I went rogue and picked some fabrics that I thought would work well with my fall color palette.  Since I was already complicating things by choosing fabric over felt, I basically decided to embark upon making this garland as complicated as possible.

I started with tracing leaf shapes onto the wrong side of one fabric.
Then I cut those leaves out, and glued them another piece of material.  Because my leaves were too special to have the same fabric on both sides.  Notice that I did not try to dumb down my leaf shapes.  No way jose.  I picked the most detailed shapes I could find on the interwebs because I like things good and intricate.
Just to reiterate, under this system, I cut the 30 leaf outlines...twice.  Talk about a raging case of claw hand.

Oh you think those leaves are done?  Didn't you know that leaves have veins?  Veins that I decided to incorporate by hand stitching them on with embroidery thread.
Of course, after all this, I realized that the garland as I'd designed it wasn't going to hang the way I wanted it to.  So, this is what I came up with to try to mimic a swag like shape without spending any more time working on the garland.
Notice the new Emma bookends I found on sale at Tar-jay.  Five dolla holla!
Last night while I was taking down my Halloween specific decorations and putting up the new-old leaf garland I stumbled across all of the leftover fabric I used on the project.  Then I found another bag with a few pieces of leftover felt from when I made the Halloween garland.  I also had this old grapevine wreath.  It was the first fall-themed one that Mamsie and I ever made for my apartment in Raleigh.  But that was over 7 years ago and my aesthetic has changed quite a bit since then.  Since we had just hot glued the decorations on, they came off really easily and then I was left with this plain grapevine wreath that was in perfect shape...which took me back to my inspiration photo, and I realized...

I wanted another wreath.  

It was like a lightbulb went off when I came up with the idea to use the leftover fabric and felt to make more leaves for the wreath.  Although, it may come as no surprise that I wanted this to be simpler than the last time.  I like to become more efficient with my crafting.  This time, I started by tracing the shape onto the felt.  I chose my favorite shape and the one closest to the inspiration photo because I really wanted to keep that same look.
Then I glued the fabric on top with Fabric Tac.  I would like to point out that in the process of making all these leaves I have now used an entire bottle of Fabric Tac - which is a pretty major crafting accomplishment.  Under this new system I only had to cut the leaf shape once for each one.  Which means that instead of working on this project over the course of a few days, I started and finished it in the same night.

It was also faster because I decided that these leaves didn't need veins.  The fabric kept them pretty enough.  Plus, I'm lazy, so there's that.
Time to glue.

Wham, bam, thank you ma'am.

I may or may not have opened my door a few times last night just to look at it.

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Mams said...

I love all the different fabrics! You are so creative!!