Thursday, December 13, 2012

- Christmas-ified

This year I really made up for the fact that I hadn't decorated for Christmas in 2 years and decorated all of the things.

Technically it started with this new fabric because I found it forever ago but time had not lessened my desire for it.  So I bought it and made new pillows.
It's the floral print.
Emma's chair got some love too.

And the color palette dictated the colors I used everywhere, like the table:
DSC_0029 DSC_0030
I was also very into glittery branches this year.  And not finishing my dining room chair covers because they're too hard and I'm bad at sewing even though I'm actually kind of decent.

As you can see in the background, the little dresser got moved into the dining room to make way for the tree, which I will wax poetic about in a lil bit.

And I guess I've really missed the glow of Christmas lights the most...because I put them EVERYWHERE. Of course I found this garland on Pinterest where you tie pieces of ribbon around strands of lights and I was all "OMG I want that".  So I found ribbon in colors that matched my new fabric and made lots and lots of garland because I do what I want.
Extra credit: did you notice I wrapped my storage boxes in some really awesome embossed paper?

And once there was a strand of it over the TV, well then it only made sense for there to be one over the desk.

Sidenote, because I don't have enought glittery things elsewhere, I whipped up this artwork for the desk.  I'm still finding glitter and sequins places.
DSC_0033 DSC_0036
I'm also really into antlers this year apparently.

And then this mirror needed some jazzing up too...

And then I found a strand of lights with white wires so I put that over the headboard in my bed so I can have some glow in there too.  If you don't think that I'll leave those up year round then you don't really know me at all.  I used another strand to light an old school ceremic Christmas tree that I got from my Mamaw two years ago.  She didn't have any of the light bulbs for it, but luckily there's this thing called Ebay - and they did.  In colors that match my room pretty darn well:
I got one dove as a bonus in my order.

And then there was the real Christmas tree.

The tree.  Y'all it nearly broke my heart to even look at artificial trees.  I mean...they're artificial.  A lot of my Christmas spirit is tied to picking out a live tree at the Farmer's Market from my favorite farm in Sparta.  But that was how I did it when I was in NC.  And I don't know if you've heard yet, but I don't live there anymore.

Plus, my apartment complex, and most of the ones in Minneapolis, don't allow live trees.  Because of the fire hazard.  If you don't picture me telling you that with the biggest Liz Lemon eye roll in the world then you're doing it wrong.  That is seriously the lamest of the lame.  Since I'm pretty choosey about the rules I break, I decided that my love for having some kind of tree to cover in lights and ornaments outweighed my love for having that tree be alive.

So I started looking at fake trees.  And aside from the complete and utter sticker shock of it all...y'all most of those things are just ridiculously ugly.  I know it's a fake tree and all, but does it have to look so, I don't know...fake?  I looked at all of the fake trees everywhere that sold fake trees.  And what I decided was that I wasn't going to pay more than a $100 for a tree that was FAKE.  Also - I get that Americans are lazy, but I had NO DESIRE whatsoever to get a prelit tree.  Because they NEVER have enough lights on them.  450 lights on a 7.5 foot tree is pretty much a crime against nature.  I finally landed on this bad boy (except in a 7.5 foot version) at Target and I don't really even know why I ever even looked anywhere else because I buy everything at Target anyway.  On Black Friday he was marked down to $90, so I bought him.  Then on Monday I was in Target and happened to find myself in the Christmas section when I saw that he'd taken a further price cut and was now $80.  I went to customer service and found out that at the holidays Target has a price match policy - so if they or a competitor mark an item down within (I think) 30 days of you buying it, they will refund you the difference.  Getting a deal on him kind of made me like him more.  Until I took him out of the box and saw this:
He almost went back in the box.  I was seriously doubtful that even with my mad skills I could fluff that baby into something acceptable.

But I was wrong.  Just this one time.  I guess if you put 800 lights and a ridiculous amount of glittery ornaments on something, anything can look like a pretty darn good Christmas tree.
DSC_0009 DSC_0007 DSC_0014
He rocks out in any lighting.

He's a keeper.  You know, until I move somewhere else where I can have a live tree.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

- Winter Wonderland

Today we had our first significant snow event in the Minnie.  It started right around midnight and it didn't stop until around 6pm.
Early this morning, when I woke up like a little kid on Christmas to see had happened while I was asleep...
Snowfall throughout the day.

Emma and I have gone out just once.  I think that this kind of weather is best experienced cuddled up on the couch watching seasonal movies in between watching the flakes fall.  Although, the way snow drifts on tree branches is one of the prettiest parts.
photo-62 photo-63
Emma is not a very big fan of this much snow, and I don't really blame her.  With her short little legs she basically has to swim to get anywhere.  She managed to find a line of uncovered ground under a row of bushes...but then there was an avalanche of sorts, and I took this as I was carrying her back inside. 
Snow is one of the best backdrops for a black dog.

Coincidentally, as the snow was starting here, Jaclyn and Matt were headed to he hospital for the arrival of their new baby girl.  She is absolutely perfect and I can't wait to meet her and spend time with my favoritest family of four.  It's a day that would be filled with magic regardless, but coupled with the snow, it's been emotionally wondrous and festive.