Wednesday, January 23, 2013

- Poopie

"Like right now I wish I could just slow down time, because I'm so not ready for him to grow up yet." - Said the big sister about her little brother on Modern Family

I remember getting the call at school.  I was in the third grade and our babysitter was on the phone in the office telling me that my mom had the baby.  That it was a boy.  Aaron and I were "surprises" - they didn't know what they were having.  I'm not even sure that technology was available in the early 80's.  With Trevor they found out that they were having a boy but didn't tell us.  So of course, I had my heart set on having a baby sister.  I was sure of it.

Crushing disappointment.  That's what I felt when we hung up the phone.  Then I got to the hospital and I sat in the blue chair wearing my pink "big sister" shirt and they handed me this perfect little red headed boy and I could barely hold back the tears from the overwhelming sense of guilt I felt over EVER wanting a sister instead of this amazing little brother.

In my mind we're frozen at 18 and 9, and he's little and cute and sweet.  But now he's not so little.  He's taller than me, and has been for a few years now.  He's still ridiculously cute.  Although his babyface is changing, as his Steed beard gene has finally been activated and he has started the growing of the facial hair.  Behold:
Sorry Aaronus, you got cropped.

The babyface may be fading away, but he still has some of the softest cheeks in the world.  And he still lets me and mom "mooch" on them - with minimal eye rolls.

He's so much cooler than I ever was or will ever be.  He's in high demand and generally spends every night out with friends, but every now and then when I'm home visiting he'll indulge me and stay in to watch Duck Dynasty, or work a puzzle.  Sometimes we'll even run errands together...IN PUBLIC.

When I was home over Christmas my mom told me that the day they moved me into my dorm room at NC State, after they had gotten back home, Trevor came up to her and said "I never should have gone and laid in Laurie's bed.  Her pillow smells like her".  That little dude missed me and it melts my heart to hear that, even now, even though I always knew he did.

Today is his 21st birthday.  There is no disputing how officially grown up he is.  And I'm sad that time has flown by so quickly...and yet, I'm so proud of the man he's become.

But he will always be my Poopie.

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