Thursday, January 24, 2013

- True Story

I got an email yesterday encouraging me to shop because: "Studies suggest that this is the year's most depressing week, when winter blues reach a climax".  And ya'll that totally makes sense to me.  If there was ever a place trying to win at being's Minneapolis.  This past week temperatures have been being a major beotch by topping out at 5 degrees but feeling like -25.

You. Heard. Me.

In the time it takes to walk from my parked car into work my snot has FROZEN in my nose.  That is not an exaggeration.  It is totally something that can actually happen, and it is also one of the weirdest sensations to experience.

On the news tonight they were talking about how ice sculptors preparing for the St. Paul Winter Fest couldn't use some of their usual techniques to work with the ice because IT'S TOO COLD.  As a side note, the Winter Fest is scheduled for this time in the year, because it's historically the coldest.  If I was an organizer I'd walk out on stage for the opening ceremony I'm not entirely sure exists and just be like "Nailed it" and the do a mic drop.

But you guys, I really hate to complain.  I mean I'm only literally trying to prevent frost bite from being a thing that happens to you would in Siberia, or Antarctica, or I guess somewhere in Alaska...but in LA I hear things have been pretty bad lately too.

This just proves that LA is probably not ever going to my jam.

Awwww that's the cutest little arctic blast I've ever seen in my life.  Yesterday morning I walked outside wearing my snow boots rated to -25, tights, pants, a tank top, a sweater, a scarf, my down comforter jacket, gloves, and a hat and I said, and I quote, "Wow it's so warm".  

It was 16 degrees.

True story.

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Mams said...

You are so funny!