Thursday, April 11, 2013

- 7 Years Young

Yesterday was Emma's 7th birthday.  I usually don't really remember her birthday beforehand or do anything special for her...because even though she's my baby, she is still a dog.  I'm like 99% sure that to her it's just another day in the life.
Flush with fetching options.

Minneapolis celebrated with a 2 day snowstorm, but Minneapolis is a real beotch.

We celebrated with popcorn because she loves popcorn.  Like loves popcorn.  So she got her own bowl.
Waiting oh so patiently.

But she didn't just get to eat that bowl all willy nilly.  I made her catch each and every piece, and because we've done this a lot...she's gotten quite good.
3 out of 4 ain't bad.

For whatever reason, this year I was quite nostalgic about boo bear's birthday.  I didn't get her as a puppy, but knowing that I've had her for five and a half years now seems really monumental.  It's a long enough time for it to feel like I've always had her.  And yet, I very much remember life before her, and how much more full it has been since I brought her home.  Side note: Hey Mams - remember when you begged me not to adopt that dog?  Because I wasn't ready and she probably had all these problems?  Aren't you so glad I didn't listen to you?

She was such a fuzzy wuzzy back then.
Christmas 008
Before her first scottie haircut.

Emma makes my day pretty much every day.  Like when she stays in bed sleeping while I get ready in the morning...until she hears the hairdryer, which she's learned is one of the last steps of my routine.  Then she will come greet me in the bathroom and roll over for a belly rub.  When we go out for walks I'm so proud of the way she behaves.  I rarely ever put her on a leash because I taught her to "heel" - even though I didn't realize that was what I was doing when I taught her to respond to me when I said "wait".  If she gets too far in front of me, I say wait and she stops and waits until I get catch up with her.  If we see another person or dog, I say "no" and she will stop, rather than run up and approach them.

She used to be pretty bad with separation anxiety when I left for work...remember this?
But now after I leave she gets her treat ball, and since there's food in there she's pretty excited about it.  Sometimes I feed her her dinner in it as well and then I get to watch the technique she's developed to get that food out.  
I just realized Emma is right handed!

She can also pick it up in her mouth and carry it somewhere else so if it gets on the hardwood floors or close to going under a piece of furniture where it would get stuck.  Instead, she just picks it up and moves it back out into the open.  I also hide carrots in certain places and sometimes I'll just throw one out.  After she eats that one, she will run through the apartment and check all of the places where she has found carrots before, so lately I've been getting more creative with the hiding spots so she really has to use her nose.  Which leads me to realize that she is so much smarter than I usually give her credit for.

And she loves to spend time with her "brother".  I know her interest in him is largely due to an innate desire to find out what he tastes like - but it's amazing how calm she can be around him.  Especially when he's "free ranging":
I haven't really talked about the fact that Tweety moved up here with us after Christmas.  It's happened...and I'm still not sure how I feel about it.  Most days I find him to be infuriatingly annoying.  But Emma is the yen to his yang.  He is high spirited and loud and Emma is calm and quiet.  He stresses me out and then Emma does something so cute and sweet that I can't help but laugh and not be mad anymore.  This is our crazy mini zoo life and Emma is the glue that holds us together.  I feel so lucky to have her, and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with my little boo bear.

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Mams said...

Ahh does my heart good to see them both...Happy Birthday belatedly Ems! And yes this is one time when I am glad you didn't listen to your Mams..but then...when have you ever done that?