Thursday, November 21, 2013

- Bon Voyage

The past three days have been so stressful because as it turns out there's a lot to do to prepare to leave the country for 9 days. You know, ridiculously essential things like sewing sequins to a sweatshirt or dealing with your first world problems. I wasn't prepared for all of the hullabaloo (side note: that is one of the best words EVER) because sadly, I haven't done this as an adult. Okay I guess I was 18 (or nearly? I can't remember that far back) when I went to London and Paris with my highschool class but that just doesn't count. 

It is a little bit embarassing to have this kind of first happen so far into my adult life. And a little bit scary; because once this can of international travel worms is opened, it can't be closed. And I may never have money again. But I feel like its worth it to find out just how much better Guinness can be. 
The American control. Because you hav to set a baseline. And I lost those 5 lbs jut so I can gain them back in Guinness consumption.

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