Thursday, February 27, 2014

- Spring Break 2k14!

Today I drove home at 2:30 and heard on the radio that we had already reached our high for the day at -5 degrees.  Then someone told me that this is the coldest winter in the Twin Cities since 1978.  This is the coldest winter of my life.  And even if I had been born here in 1983 - and lived in Minneapolis all of my life - this would STILL be the coldest winter of my life.  Truth bomb.

They have been brilliantly sunny days though.  There's this beautiful part of the morning - in between 7 and 8 - where the sun shines through the windows and floods my apartment with the most transcendent light.  And then I always leave my sliding glass door a little bit open because back in December when it froze open and I slammed it shut, I slammed it shut on my finger.  And broke it.  So now I just don't bother closing the door all the way.  It keeps the air fresh and crisp in my apartment.  But the sound from highway 100 that drifts in can almost sound like the ocean.  So for the brief moments after I wake in the morning, there's this light and this sound and I can almost convince myself that I am in a Caribbean paradise.  But as soon as I think that I'm there I wake up and realize that I'm not.  And then I realize where I am instead.

But in a month, I won't have to wish myself there.  I will be on St. John and it will be 85-88 degrees and I'll be snorkeling or laying on a white beach or drinking a painkiller or maybe all of the above.  I have never in my life needed 8 days of unadulterated warmth this badly.  

To be fair, there are some things that I've really enjoyed doing in Minnesota lately.  Shopping in record stores.  Cross country skiing that one time.  Heading to the conservatory to listen to aggressive folk music.  Watching the Six Nations while cuddling on the couch with Emma and drinking tea.  But, that's pretty much it, especially when most of those things require driving on slippery anxiety inducing road conditions.

So, am I ridiculously excited that today is one day closer to my Spring Break Getaway?  You betcha.  

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Mams said...

Ah...count them will be sunny days ahead!